Monday, October 8, 2018

Is Tiger Woods really back?? Upset Alert at Chapman Stadium!

Tiger is Back???
Numerous National Sports geeks claimed that Tiger Woods would never, ever win another PGA golf tournament again!!  Two weeks ago he ran away and hid from the field in winning the Tournament of Champions Championship!!  I am a sports geek, but I was not one of the sports geeks that claimed he would never win again!!  I said countless times that he could beat many golf geeks in the putt-putt windmill game AND would dominate in nighttime par three golf with glow in the dark balls!!

Guess Hair Quiz - Win 3.2 Beer!
Which of the following individual's hair is made out of squirrels tail?
  1. Donald Trump 
  2. Bryan in Tulsa
  3. Larry King
  4. Bill Self
  5. The creepy dude on Burger King commercials
  6. All the above
If you picked 6 you are a winner and Faked Out Sports will overnight you some 3.2 beer from Quick Trip care of Michael T. Thornbrugh, Marketing Executive and Lambda Chi from Tulsa U.!!  Dilly fricking Dilly!!!

Faked Out Sports College Picks:

******Upset Special*********
Tulsa 35 South Florida 31
South Florida is favored by 66 1/2 points according to Vegas experts but B in T is picking a huge upset!!!!!!!!!!!!. (I have inside information, and do not tell anyone!)  The Bulls football team stayed at the Mayo Hotel where the Crew of Ghosthunters were in the process of doing a full-scale paranormal investigation looking to find PUMPKIN MAN!!  The South Florida Friday night team meeting was horrible as numerous tables levitated and while watching game film many players ran from the banquet room as a picture of Pumpkin Man appeared on the screen!!  The team was not the same on game day and swore they would never return to Tulsa!!!  South Florida players went straight from Chapman Stadium to the airport and flew home in their gear!!  

Kansas State 35 Oklahoma State 31
The two longest-tenured coaches in the Big 12 face off for a humdinger of a football game in the little Apple!!  The Wildcats coaching staff has made some bad selections of quarterbacks the last few weeks!!  Finally Coach Knute Rockne, I mean Snyder, found a walk-on deep snapper from a town called Fansville, Iowa!!  He can throw a football 100 yards on a rope and has bigger thighs than a Russian speed ice-skater!!  Another walk-on for Coach Snyder saves the day!!

Iowa State  38  West Virginia 31
This hard-fought battle has turned the Big 12 upside down!!  Iowa State Cyclone mascot, Cy the cardinal, is not a wind funnel but a bird!!  This can be very confusing if you are not from Iowa!!  In Iowa if they say a Cyclone is a bird the just go with it!!  Especially if you are a visiting football team!!

Ole Miss 44. Arkansas 27
The Arkansas football team is looking ahead to its huge game with the Tulsa Golden Hurricane!!  The Hog fans are really looking forward to basketball season!!  Arkansas Coach Morris has offered to purchase plastic hog hats to the first twenty thousand fans at each of the remaining Fayetteville home games!!  Hopefully, 20k will be there!!

Georgia 31 LSU 21
SEC shootout to see who get to polish Alabama's shoes!!  LSU Coach Ed Orange Julius was very upset after a bad call did not go his way!!  His face turned tomato red and veins in his neck looked like a volcano lava flow or The Hulk after a bad jalapeno popper!!  As Fire Truck hoses cooled Ed down, the Tigers have the game away with 2 turnovers in the fourth quarter!!

Oregon 47 Washington 38
Oregon Senior Quarterback Justin Sherbert should be the first Quarterback taken in the NFL 2019 Draft!!  The Ducks have all the computerized glow in the dark equipment and jerseys from Nike to have a tremendous fashion edge among all of college football!!  The Ducks spend more on green Nike shoes and green undergarments than smaller schools spend on their entire athletic uniforms and gear!!

Michigan State 26 Penn State 19
Spartan Coach Mark Dantonio, the Italian Stallion of East Lansing upsets the Nittany Lions!!  Numerous Michigan State young ladies think Coach Dantonio looks very similar to actor George Clooney!!  I did a small poll here in Oklahoma and we are not seeing what the chicks in East Lansing are seeing!!

Wisconsin 21 Michigan 17
Both teams are boring, offenses are boring, uniforms colors are boring, coaches and coaches wives are boring!!
I am not sure why I even included these two teams, their mascots are boring, their coaches hair product is extremely boring and finally, their male cheerleaders will bore you stiff!  

B, in T

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