Monday, December 31, 2018

Area Recruiting Classes Studly/ FOS College Ball Picks

Faked Out Sports!

Area Football Recruiting Classes Look Studly!!

Great recruiting class for OU and Arkansas!!  Top 6 recruiting class for Coach Riley and top 15 class for Chad Morris which was the Hoggies highest ranking ever!!  Oklahoma State was hovering around the 44th best and TU around 90th best recruiting class!!

Great news for FOS, myself and my wife along with 2 board members will be visiting 1 local restaurant and giving a FOS review!! 

The first 6 months will be the following : 

January:  LaSalle pie night, sounds a little snooty but hope it serves more than pie!!

February:  Smitty’s Garage, hamburgers, now we're talking!!

March:  White River Fish Market, fried fish, and hush puppies, note to self-check blood pressure after the meal!  Biggest hush puppy balls in America!!

April:  Jane’s Deli, bet they don't have cheese fries!  Wives picked this one!

May:  Food Hall, another wife deal, sounds like the campus cafeteria at TU!

June:  Shops at Warren Place, new restaurant to be named 61st and Yale!!  Please be a Mexican restaurant!!

I will give a review each month, please feel free to comment!!  

FOS College Basketball Picks

Texas A&M 79  Arkansas 75
The Aggies are not known for there basketball but the 2018/2019 team version is strong, deep and talented!!  

Kansas 88 Iowa State 81
Coach Self was very red faced at his battle with the Clones!!  This can mean that he had the four enchilada spicy platter at his favorite local Mexican restaurant or NCAA investigators or FBI dudes waiting for Coach after the game!!  Please medicate Bill!!  Cyclones local legend, Kevin Highland, Tulsa Mortgage Banker and friend of B in T was very upset about the officiating!!  In the mid-70s, Kevin averaged 15 a game!!  15 seconds a game that is!!

**********UPSET SPECIAL*************

Kansas State 71  Texas Tech 68  
Texas Tech played Duke and has been ranked as high as 12th in the nation!! The Wildcats are without their first team all-Big 12 hoss Dean Wade so a perfect upset pick!!  Tech has one of the nations top defenses but the Wildcats have length!!

Oklahoma 76 Oklahoma State 71
The Sooners are having a super year and Oklahoma State is still finding itself!!  Sooner big man Jimanji McNeace is starting to flex his muscle in the post with moves like Jagger!!  

Tulsa 70 South Florida 56
Tulsa 6’5” forward Dequan Jeffreys plays like he is 6’9”, scored nineteen points, eleven rebounds, and 5 dunks!!  Point guard Taplin is starting to get into form as AAC starts to heat up!!  Numerous fans headed to a big celebration party at the Golden Corral and were noticeably upset when the chocolate fountain was closed for repair!!!

ORU 78 North Dakota 71
ORU tall front line of four forwards is, 6’8”, 6’9”, 6’10” and 6’11!!  And a 6’ point guard!!  The North Dakota team is not as potent as it has been in the past and ORU plays strong at home so boogie on Golden Eagles!!  Freshman forward Deshang Weaver can go inside-outside and makes the ORU future bright!!

B, in T

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Cardinals Obtain a Nugget With Goldschmidt!/ College BBall and NFL Picks

Faked Out Notes!!

Cardinals Obtain Muscle in Lineup!

The Redbirds obtained slugger Paul Goldfingers from Arizona for some Cardinal players that don’t really matter!!  Goldshmidt will play first base and Matt Carpenter will play this third base with his pop gun arm!!!  Cards lineup will be much more potent this year!!  The Cards are also trying to trade for Dodgers OF Cody Berlinger who played for the Tulsa Drillers before his call up to the Dodgers!!

FOS College Basketball Picks

Coach Weber Out Smarts Smart!!

Kansas State 70 Texas 65
Wildcat Coach Bruce Weber who looks like Leslie Nielsen of the movie series Airplane, simply out smarts Texas Coach Smart of Texas!!!  

Kansas 82 Oklahoma 75  Kansas who is playing without star big man Aduka Uzibuicki, but still has 5 five star and 2 six star McDonald All Americans to outlast the Sooners!!  The Sooners are the surprise team of the big 12 and the Jayhawks are the same basketball conquering giant from Lawrence, Kansas where Dorothy and Toto are from!!  Kansas' size, athleticism and ability to give players gifts and cash is tops in the nation!!

Iowa State 87 Oklahoma State 77
The Clones keep getting 4 star recruits from up East!!  I would go to Des Mainz, Iowa for a new Lexus and weed!!  FBI and NCAA investigators will not go to igloo land because of the cold!!  Clones 5 Star recruit from Queens, NY scores 35 to beat OSU, and Coach Boynton who does things the right way!!

Tulsa 75 Houston 74
*********First Upset Special 2019*******
Tulsa has won numerous close games this year and would have a huge road win against the 10-0 Cougars!!!  Big man Martins is becoming a dominant inside presence and has a AAC coming out party against Houston!!

Kentucky 89 Louisville 71
Big rivalry between Kentucky’s Calamari and Louisville’s future ex-coach, battle it out until Calamari brought out the money for the SEC referees!!  Kentucky pulled a second-half dunk a thon and won handily!!

Omaha 76 Oral Roberts 59
ORU seems to have a problem with any team that has 2 players over 6’10”!!  The Golden Eagles has some heighth but no meat on the bones!!  Guard play is getting better and with some home wins, momentum will be back at the Prayer Towers!!


Chiefs 38 Raiders 23

Chiefs run over the Raiders using their fifth string running back picked from Dr Pepper sales rep in the stands at Arrowhead Stadium!!  Raiders have actually won a couple of games under Gruden and are heading in the right direction!!

Cowboys 28 Giants 25

Cowboys are backing into the Eastern Conference Championship!!  The Giants and over the hill QB Elf Manning are as bad as the rest of the conference!!  Manning throws 3 picks and 1 pick 6!!  Dallas offense is awful!!  Thank God for their Defense!!

I will leave you with these words of wisdom:
Never go to Starbucks and order an Ariana Grande trying to be funny!! THERE IS A REAL DRINK BRANDED BY HER!!!!


B in T/FOS

B, in T

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Texas Tech New Coach, Via Sallisaw, and Utah!/ FINAL FOUR PICKS!!

Texas Tech hires gem with Utah State Coach Matt Wells!!                             

Former Tulsa recruiting coordinator, native and football star of Sallisaw, Oklahoma was interviewed on the Coach and Big O show in Tulsa while recruiting in Houston!!  His offense will not be as wide open as Kingshadowbeard, and will even have a tight end and a ground game!!  He will hit his old stomping grounds of Texas and Oklahoma for recruiting!!  Four of his assistant coaches are from the Oklahoma area, so expect Coach Wells and gang to hit the plains of Oklahoma hard!! 


Dec 31
Liberty Bowl
Oklahoma State 42 Missouri 24
Coach Mullet did his best coaching in the Memphis Liberty Bowl!!!   He had a number of players transfer and some players declared for the NFL Draft!!  Believe it or not, some team managers declared early for nursing school and to seek doctors residency!!  OSU new running back Chimua rushed for 184 yards and 3 touchdowns!!  Superstar OSU wideout Tylenol Wallace (causes Defensive Backs to have headaches) catches passes with one hand and just two fingers at times!!  Pokes thirtysomething looking QB has a great game and is being considered as late-round NFL pick with a copy of birth certificate!!

Tax Slayer Gator Bowl
Texas A&M 31  North Carolina State 17
The Aggies defeated the Wolfpack in Jacksonville, Florida at the Tax Slayer Gator Bowl!!  Texas A&M QB, Kellen Mond completed his first 12 passes and dominated the Wolfpack secondary!!  Gifts for the Gator Bowl players included gator-shaped caps, free tax services for a year, and a Sony 70 inch TV!!

Military Bowl Presented by Grumman Northrup
Cincinnati 34 Virginia Tech 27
Grumman Northrup, a former New York Congressman and 5-star general, is the main sponsor for the Military Bowl!!  Virginia Tech’s coach Fuentes was irritated at some calls made by the PAC 10 officiating crew!!  He was slapped with a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty when he told the refs that they were worse than the conference the came from!!   Cincinnati’s speedy defense slowed down the Va Tech offense!!  Bearcat head coach Luke Fickell is a candidate for numerous coaching job once all the coaching trees have been shaken out!!  Maybe 2020 but watch out Bearcat fans!!

Redbox Bowl
Michigan State 34 Oregon 26
No one can blame the Michigan State team for looking ahead to their next game on August 31st, 2019 against the mighty Tulsa Golden Hurricane in Ann Arbor, Michigan!!  But Spartans eeked by the Mighty Ducks in the fourth quarter!!  Everyone who enters the Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, California received a free Redbox rental but it must be returned the the Santa Clara area Redbox!!

San Diego County Credit Union Holiday Bowl
Utah 35 Northwestern 21
The Utes beat the powerful Big 10 Conference Northwestern Big and slow Cats!!  The Credit Union Bowl offered free checking accounts, free SDCCU mugs, free SDCCU ink pens and free SDCCU Holiday Bowl socks with each paid ticket to the game!!

Jan 1
Fiesta Bowl
Central Florida 42  LSU 35
Central Florida won the game according to most Tiger fans simply because they did not want to be there!!!  The poor wittle football boys did not want to take millions back to their conference!!  The poor Tiger Cubs did not want to have an extravagant Fiesta Bowl dinner, with steak, lobster, caviar, and plates made of gold!!!  They dreaded getting Fiesta Bowl Gifts like, a year supply of medical marijuana, a 45”, 55” and 70” Vizio TV, and a new IPod wrist watch that tells you when you should take medicine and if your overdue for a bowel movement!!  Waaaa!!!  Waaaa!!!

Rose Bowl
Ohio State 48  Washington 35
Pasadena, California is the site of the Granddaddy of them all!!!  The Rose Bowl has had such greats as Mark Harmon (TV’s NCIS), and O.J. Simpson.  Mark Harmon is the sex God for all middle age and up women of America!!  Simpson was known as the dude whose glove did not fit and in a Bronco chase scene that was viewed by billions!!  Buckeyes superb offense led by the third-place Heisman Trophy QB Dwayne Haskins was too much for the Huskies!!  The Rose Bowl player gifts this year were amazing!!  Giant 100” Sony TV and a brand new Rolex Rose Bowl watch with diamonds freshly cut from the mountains of Zimbabwe!! 

Sugar Bowl 
Georgia 35  Texas 24
The Bulldogs and QB, Jake Fromm, powered through the Longhorn defense like a big dog on a small bone!!  The Georgia Bulldog Uga and the Longhorn mascot Bevo,  both escaped their weeny armed male cheerleader handlers during the 1st Quarter!!  Eighteen year old, Uga chased the one ton Bull until it had a massive heart attack and had to be carried off on a large trampoline!!  Georgia has way too many horses and Texas Coach Herman needs to go back to the Big 12 and talk smack to the Sooners and company in 2019!!  Nice year Herm, after 10 years of average it's nice to have a season to match your salary!
B, in T

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Transfer to OU? Why Not!/ Day 1 Super Picker Picks!!

OU will entertain a Grad Transfer by the name of Jalen Hurts from Alabama!!  One year at OU and one Heisman Trophy for Jalen!!  Scuttlebutt also swirling around the offices of FOA has Georgia QB Justin Fields transferring to either Oklahoma or Ohio State!!  He would have to sit out one year and have 3 years of eligibility!!  I overheard this at the water cooler while having some chit-chat with my 4-year-old grandson!!  

Coach Riley/OU Heisman
2017  Mayfield
2018  Murray
2019  Hurts
2020  Fields
                                                                                                   MAYFIELD/MURRAY  NEXT?
Drop the mic!!
Faked Out Sports :  Way Too Many Bowl Picks! 


Dec 27th
Walk-ons Independence Bowl
Temple 35  Duke 17
Temple used to be known for such awesome alums as Charles Manson and Bill Cosby!!  Lately, Temple Board members are not mentioning either!!  Their campus statues have been removed!!  Among the player gifts were numerous boxes of Jello Pudding!   Which was curious!!

New Era Pinstripe Bowl
Wisconsin 26  Miami 21
This bowl is played at Yankee Stadium and will have the powerful Badgers edge the swift Hurricanes!!  Player packages (interesting use of words) consisted of pinstripe underwear, pinstripe footballs, pinstripe iPods, and pinstripe Mark Jacobs man purses!!  

Dec 28
Camping World Bowl
Syracuse 42  West Virginia 31
The Mountaineers without their Marlboro man QB Will Grier had trouble moving the ball against the Orangemen defense!!  The ESPN cameras were very disappointed because they could not find his Tampa Bay Bucs cheerleader wife!!!  Gifts for the players included Camping World giant one thousand square foot tents, one year supply of deer urine and Big Foot locator logs to bang against trees as a mating call!!  The players were ecstatic with these unique gifts!!

Alamo Bowl
Washington State 48 Iowa State 38
The Clones were drilled by Mike Leach’s Cougars!!   Numerous Clone and Cougar lineman had a tussle on a ferry ride on the riverwalk canal!!  The small ferry boat capsized and a lot of the players lost their souvenir gifts from the Alamo Bowl in the bottom of the canal!!  Recovery boats trolled the river looking for lost iPods, Play Stations and one of the lineman's Shitzu dogs!!  Coach Leach blamed the incident on aliens!!

Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl
Auburn 32  Purdue 24
Nashville hosts this bowl and each player gets a free pass to the Grand Ole Opry to see the likes of Boxcar Willy, Dolly Pardon, Marilyn Manson, and Snoop Dog!!  Auburn coach Calzone has been puckered up since signing a huge contract and having a sucky year!!  Numerous sources are stating he had to sign a new reduced contract!!  The contract is rumored to be 14.50 an hour!!  

Dec 29th Semifinal

Orange BowlOklahoma 38 Alabama 35  
I am possibly the only official prognosticator in America to pick the lowly Oklahoma Sooners to beat the giant Godzilla like, Grumpy Saban coached Crimson Tide!!  Numerous other national pickers who just graduated from Gamblers Anonymous have picked the Tide to beat the Sooners by 10 all the way to 100 points!!  Numerous Alabama players were seen taking picture with their agents and their                                                                        
families during the game!!  This is an NCAA infraction but Grumpy Saban was also seen giving some hundred dollar bills yo to the NCAA officials during the game!!  True story, honest, I promise!!  Bowl gifts for Oklahoma players included I-pads, 46” Vizio TVs and mope heads bikes!!  Alabama players and Coach ‘I parted the Red Sea’ Saban’s gifts included Sony sound systems with Blaupundt speakers made out of gold, a 120” Sony Big screen with 3 theatre seats and Harley Davidson Big Daddy Motorcycle with sidecars for both sides!!  Oh, the game was won by Heisman Murray, whom B in T picked in the 4th week to win Heisman, and who threw 3 touchdowns and ran for another!!  Dilly Dilly for the Sooners!!

Cotton Bowl
Clemson 38  Notre Dame 24
Clemson’s speed, size, and athleticism were too much for the golden dome boys from South Bend!!  The Coach for Notre Dame, Brian Kelly has had 9 lives twice!!!  His first nine lives expired after the Tulsa loss 6 years ago!!!  The TU band went on the field and four age 50 something TU fans streaked on the field while Notre Dame was doing their school anthem!!  Notre Dame coach was named AP coach of the year!!  Nine more lives!!  Too much Dabo and too much 5 star defensive players for the Irish!!

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl
Michigan 31  Florida 13
Coach Kaki and his Wolverines defeated the Gators in a close game in Atlanta, Georgia!!  The Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl teams dinner was, you guessed, catered by Chick-fil-A corporate offices from Atlanta!!  The dinner consisted of 9 flaky crust chicken nuggets, waffle fries, flaky breaded apple pies, and a chocolate frosty!!  The Michigan defensive line ate up the Gators O like a gator eats a cow on the movie Lake Placid!!  Now I am not hungry!
B, in T