Thursday, December 27, 2018

Cardinals Obtain a Nugget With Goldschmidt!/ College BBall and NFL Picks

Faked Out Notes!!

Cardinals Obtain Muscle in Lineup!

The Redbirds obtained slugger Paul Goldfingers from Arizona for some Cardinal players that don’t really matter!!  Goldshmidt will play first base and Matt Carpenter will play this third base with his pop gun arm!!!  Cards lineup will be much more potent this year!!  The Cards are also trying to trade for Dodgers OF Cody Berlinger who played for the Tulsa Drillers before his call up to the Dodgers!!

FOS College Basketball Picks

Coach Weber Out Smarts Smart!!

Kansas State 70 Texas 65
Wildcat Coach Bruce Weber who looks like Leslie Nielsen of the movie series Airplane, simply out smarts Texas Coach Smart of Texas!!!  

Kansas 82 Oklahoma 75  Kansas who is playing without star big man Aduka Uzibuicki, but still has 5 five star and 2 six star McDonald All Americans to outlast the Sooners!!  The Sooners are the surprise team of the big 12 and the Jayhawks are the same basketball conquering giant from Lawrence, Kansas where Dorothy and Toto are from!!  Kansas' size, athleticism and ability to give players gifts and cash is tops in the nation!!

Iowa State 87 Oklahoma State 77
The Clones keep getting 4 star recruits from up East!!  I would go to Des Mainz, Iowa for a new Lexus and weed!!  FBI and NCAA investigators will not go to igloo land because of the cold!!  Clones 5 Star recruit from Queens, NY scores 35 to beat OSU, and Coach Boynton who does things the right way!!

Tulsa 75 Houston 74
*********First Upset Special 2019*******
Tulsa has won numerous close games this year and would have a huge road win against the 10-0 Cougars!!!  Big man Martins is becoming a dominant inside presence and has a AAC coming out party against Houston!!

Kentucky 89 Louisville 71
Big rivalry between Kentucky’s Calamari and Louisville’s future ex-coach, battle it out until Calamari brought out the money for the SEC referees!!  Kentucky pulled a second-half dunk a thon and won handily!!

Omaha 76 Oral Roberts 59
ORU seems to have a problem with any team that has 2 players over 6’10”!!  The Golden Eagles has some heighth but no meat on the bones!!  Guard play is getting better and with some home wins, momentum will be back at the Prayer Towers!!


Chiefs 38 Raiders 23

Chiefs run over the Raiders using their fifth string running back picked from Dr Pepper sales rep in the stands at Arrowhead Stadium!!  Raiders have actually won a couple of games under Gruden and are heading in the right direction!!

Cowboys 28 Giants 25

Cowboys are backing into the Eastern Conference Championship!!  The Giants and over the hill QB Elf Manning are as bad as the rest of the conference!!  Manning throws 3 picks and 1 pick 6!!  Dallas offense is awful!!  Thank God for their Defense!!

I will leave you with these words of wisdom:
Never go to Starbucks and order an Ariana Grande trying to be funny!! THERE IS A REAL DRINK BRANDED BY HER!!!!


B in T/FOS

B, in T

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