Wednesday, January 30, 2019

(Unasty) Grinch from Ohio State is New OU DC/

Oklahoma plucked a Defensive Coordinator from the Ohio State staff!!  

Buckeye Co-Defensive Coordinator Alex (Unasty) Grinch will be the next secretary of defense for Sooner Nation for a 1.4 million a year salary!!  According to future Oklahoma Hall of Fame writer Bill Haistens one of his main jobs is to instill a winning mentality into the defense!!  Ohio State’s 49 points allowed against a below average Purdue team is concerning but Lincoln knows how to hire!!  FOS believes that Mr. Grinch needs to be a mean one!!  He needs to be a mean one from his head down to his toes!!  Can't wait till FOS college football!!

What Really Happens in the Medical Tent on the Sidelines at NFL Games!?

  1. Free teeth cleaning!
  2. Pedicures tent!
  3. Grow Medical Marijuana!
  4. Where Paw Patrol Bandaids are hidden.
  5. Photo booth
  6. Self Meditation booth
  7. Self Medication booth
  8. A Portal to another world 🌍 
  9. NFL Commissioner Goodell on video phone asking if the footballs are deflated!!
  10. Snowcone machine!

FOS Super Bowl Pick and Halftime Show Calamity 

New England 38  Los Angeles 31

Two weeks of blah, blah, blah and commercial previews before the game actually fricking starts!!  New England and coach Fuddy Duddy versus the thirty-something yuppy going for all the marbles!!  Little Tommy Brady is old enough to he Coach McVay’s father!!  (I am not good with math, but you get the message)   Patriots Coach Mumbles is old and could be McVay’s Papa!!  A bunch of hoopla about the bad calls in the AFC Conference Championship games!!  And more in the Super Bowl!!  The Rams stud young QB Jerrod Goff was sacked by the Patriots and all four defensive linemen sat on him and snapped selfies!!  No penalty flags were thrown and the refs asked for pics to be sent to their phones!!!  The game was boring and the post-game interviews with, Tom and Giselle, their kids, Coach Grumpy, and Owner Kraft made three-quarters of the fans nauseated!!  Tom’s supermodel Wife Gisele accepted the Trophy and and announced she is putting it in the kid's room to the astonishment to the Kraft family!!  Tommy boy just smiled and stayed out of the middle of the Super Bowl Trophy tug a war!!
The lead singer dude on Marroon 5 Adam Levine, and the new vibe Arizona Cardinals coach, Cliff KingofNFLburry look exactly the same bro!!  The half time show was delayed when the Big Boi sound engineer stated that the acoustics for Big Boi were too muffled and the entire temporary stage needed to be moved indoors!!  After Adam Levine toyed with the treble and bass the sound was satisfactory to Mr. Bois’ engineer and the show was on, with just a 2-minute delay!!  The whole Super Bowl crowd then really got jiggy with it!!!  Levine’s nemesis and friend Blake Shelton surprised the Super Bowl crowd and sang his hit ’Honey Bee’!!  Blake then joined Big Bois and rapped the finish of ”Honey Bee”!!  

Words of Wisdom from the Unwise One:
If you’re a 60-year-old man at a nice drinking establishment in downtown Tulsa where mostly young urban professionals hang, DO NOT WALK INTO THE WOMEN'S RESTROOM!!  

B in T

B, in T

Monday, January 28, 2019

Scouts Watching Bocchi Ball!/FOS College Basket Picks!

Scouts Go To Center For Individuals with Physical Challenges!!

Last week I was told by numerous teammates that scouts were coming to watch our practices!!  I was told to be on my best behavior and watch what I say and do!!  Wow, Bocce Ball scouts coming to see our Bocce Ball players!!  Do you think they may want me to join an AAU Bocce Ball team and travel the world??!!  Will I be interviewed by the Tulsa World’s Bill Haisten or by Doug Gottlieb on CBS radio??!!  I was so excited last Friday, I put on my best Center T-shirt and wore my sweat pants with no holes and glow in the dark stripes on the side!!  As I nervously warmed up someone said the scouts are here and to my shock and happiness they were not Bocce Scouts but Marquette Boy Scouts from a Troop in midtown Tulsa!!  Oh, boy did we have fun!!  Our team had a some young scouts who made great shots!!  We won 13-0 and 9-0!!  Marquette Scouts rule!!

FOS Food Critics Corner ***** Five Star Rating

We had dinner at LaSalles in downtown Tulsa!  The atmospherewas trendy but quaint. The food was very New Orleansish!!  Service was Ok and the Beans and Rice were good!!  My board members and my wife and I gave it an overall rating of 3.5!!  No mixed drinks!!

FOS College Basketball!

Arkansas 71 LSU 65
Mike Anderson’s Razorbacks are standing on the good side of the NCAA bubble but one bad loss and the NIT will be an option!!  Kids 12 and under received a free hog hard hat upon entrance into Bud Walton arena!!  The Hog hard hats can be worn around games where shots miss the basket so badly that children may need protection on their head!!  Thus the Hog hard hats free giveaway promotion!!  

Oklahoma 77 Iowa State 70
Iowa State guard Talen Horton-Tucker and Oklahoma State Lindy Waters III ended up in a kicking battle when they  fell to the floor on a charging call on Waters!!  The head ref gave them both 2 Ts, one for fighting and another for kicking on the playground!!  True story!!

Oklahoma State 65 Kansas State 60
OSU Coach Boynton is one of the shining star coaches in the Big 12 and America!!  Beating the Wildcats in front of 5 thousand fans at Gallagher Iba Arena is a good win in front of a disappointing crowd!!  OSU Transfer Guard Curtis Jones and Junior ’Crime Dog’ Cameron McGriff led the Cowboys with double-figure scoring!!  These two are setting a foundation for good things to happen in Coach Boynton’s Cowboy future!!

Tulsa 71 Wichita State 67
Tulsa travels to a tough place to play and an even yuckier place to live, Wichita, KS!  My wife is a Wichita State Shocker Grad and my son played football at Friends University in Wichita!!  I still have an FU football cap!!  The Shockers are rebuilding but the Golden Hurricane are on the road and playing any of the 343 Division I teams on the road is a mind twister for Coach Haith and the ’Cane Squad!!

Kansas 71 Texas Tech 66
Jayhawks and the Red Raiders will see each other again in the postseason conference tourney!!  Throw in K State and you will have a nice three-way for the regular season and postseason 

***********UPSET SPECIAL*************
Florida 88 Kentucky 83
The Gators can be scary on their home court swamp!!  Florida Senior guard KeVaughn Allen scored 21 points and had 6 assists as Florida overcame Kentucky!!   Kentucky coach Calimari was upset with the young man that cleans the floor under Kentucky’s basket!!  Evidently the kid on his team’s  basket was talking to a Gator Cheerleader and was not cleaning his basket floor!!  Calimari took a dust mop and showed the lover boy how to do it!!  The young man was replaced by a nerdy looking future accountant!!  

ORU 77 Indiiana Purdue FW 74
ORU leading scorer Emmanuel Nzekewesi is playing at a 20 points and 10 rebounds pace at home!!  Once they get on the ORU basketball bus or plane the whole team starts sucking!!  Their crosstown buddies on 11th Street do the same fricking thing!!  ORU beats Indiana Purdue Freak Out with a strong second half performance!!

B, in T

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Kyler Murray-NFL Bound/SEC-Big 12 Challenge Picks

Faked Out Sports Notes!

Kyler as a Bucking Bronco!?!

Kyler Murray chunks the Oakland A's, chunks another year with the Sooners and is drafted in the first round by the Denver Broncos!!  John Elway has made more bad selections and trades for quarterbacks than any human in the history of pro football!! Mr. Elway finally does his job and drafts a QB worth a crap!!  Hello, Kyler Murray!!  The luckiest coach in the history of mankind, Arizona Cardinals Cliff Kingslucky, stated he would take Kyler Murray as his number one pick!!

TU Super Freshman!

Tulsa University freshman Zaven Collins 6'4" 250lb, a two-star recruit out of Hominy was named to the Freshmen All-American team for 2018!!  First Freshman All-American from Tulsa in 45 years.  

Road trips with the Rug Rats!!

On Mondays and Fridays, Papa B in T is picked up at his beloved Center for the Physically Limited by his daughter and we make the trek to pick up the Grandkids!!  My conversation with my 2-year-old granddaughter has become very historical!!  You could even say hysterical!!  In the car, we work on her TU chants and she confusingly screams it for all sporting events!!  Papa likes that!!  Also on our after school drives we work on songs such as ’We will, we will, rock you” and another Tulsa favorite, ”Rock me like a hurricane”!!  I love Monday and Friday road trips with the rug rats!!

New College Football Transfer Porta Potty!

There is a new fun tool to keep old toots like me busy, and it is called the TRANSFER PORTAL!!  When a college football player is considering transferring to another school their name is entered into this portal!!  Numerous of my nerd friends, like me, are sports and SYFY fans and when you say words like portal, alternate dimension, and warp speed we can go nuts!! Jalen Hurt transfer portal to Oklahoma!

FOS College Picks!!

SEC/Big 12 Challenge!

Texas Tech 70 Arkansas 64
Texas Tech Coach Chris Beard has his team playing super defense!!  His stud swingman Jarrett Culver can turn on the gas anytime and light up the scoreboard!!  The Razorbacks scored their fewest points of the season, as Coach Anderson is flabbergasted at his team’s play and told them to plan on early gassers the next day!!

Iowa State 82 Ole Miss 79
Iowa State’s team mascot Cy the Redbird was challenged to an arm wrestling match with one of the Ole Miss football players!!  At halftime, the football neanderthal won the match handily but not before Cy was able to hike his bird leg on him!  The Clones length and athleticism was too much for the Rebels!!

Kansas State 72 Texas A&M 65
Kansas State defense is among the best in the nation and the Aggies offense is overrated!  The Texas A&M boosters are excited about their football top 5 recruiting class and the fact that fall football practice starts in 194 days!!  But really, who’s counting!!

Oklahoma 82 Vanderbilt 71
The Sooners are playing the Commodores and hope their game is ’Easy’ like Sunday morning and their shooting does not run into a ’Brick House’!!  OU forward Christian James has a double-double with 22 points and 11 rebounds!!

Oklahoma State 73 South Carolina 65
Coach Boynton has the OSU cupboard full of studs for the 2019-2020 season!!  Just don't tell that to the Gamecock basketball squad!!  They had enough talent to kick the Gamecocks all day Saturday!!

Kentucky 86 Kansas 81
Kansas Coach Bill Self and Kentucky Coach Calimari had dinner the night before to discuss such items as which FBI investigators are the most ruthless, Armani suits and types of hair product!!

Texas 78 Georgia 77
This year the inconsistent Longhorns can beat tChappell Hill or lose to the Cowboys in Stillwater!!  Longhorn Coach Shaka Smart is starting to get under the skin of some of the Texas big daug donors!!  Texas seems to get the 4 and 5 Star players but they seem to disappear in the Shaka system!!

More Picks!

Tulsa 73 Houston 70
Big home game for the ‘Cane and point guard finally has his best Senior year game!!  Tulsa needs to win the tournament to go dancing!!  9-9 Conference record will not send my ’Cane dancing!!

ORU 80 North Dakota State 74
Sizable upset for the Golden Eagles against the Lumberjacks!!

Words of Wisdom from the unwise one:
Take the Christmas decorations down early so that the grandkids do not think they are getting more Xmas 🎁 gifts!!

B in T  

B, in T

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

2019 Area and???/NFL AFC-NFC Conference Picks

Big Three 2019 Quarterback Question Will Be ’Who Is That Dude’?


Oklahoma- Austin Kendall will be a redshirt Junior and was supposedly neck and neck with eventual Heisman Trophy Winner Kyler Murray last year in preseason practices!!  Austin wants to transfer to Mac at North Carolina and be average!!  5 Star true freshman commit Spencer Rattler (B in T will have tons of fun with his name!) out of Pinnacle High School, in Phoenix, Arizona, is expected to challenge in the beginning!!   Also, Alabama we Graduate transfer Jalen Hurts has the Sooners high on the list and would throw a nice wrench with a pretty bow into the Sooner QB race in 2019!!  
********BREAKING Jalen Hurts is transferring to OU as of 1-16-2019. Dilly Dilly!!

Tulsa-  It is known nationally by at least three or four of my relatives that B in T is a TU grad and a huge fan of the Golden Hurricane!!  The QB battle next year should be awesome!!  Incumbent starter Seth Boomer, out of Collinsville, Oklahoma will be a redshirt Sophomore next year and will battle Baylor transfer, Zac Smith for the starting position!!  Boomer started the last 7 games for the Hurricane and basically learned by trial and error!  He had 9 touchdowns to 4 interceptions and he completed 101 of 198 of his passes!  Boomer's completion percentage over his last 4 games was 68%!!  Great improvement!!  At 6’3” 228 pounds, Zac Smith is a man and looks very savvy in the pocket!!  With Baylor Smith threw for 440 yards against Oklahoma’s defense in 2017 (big deal right)!!  This QB battle should improve Tulsa next year!!

Oklahoma State-  Red Shirt Freshman Spencer Sanders from Denton, Texas is the top man on the Gundy Mullet right now!!  Brendan Costella is a 2019 dual-threat freshman QB out of California and might push Sanders but maybe a year or two away!!  Keondre Wudtee is a 6’4” RS Jr. QB who will be in the matrix in Spring practice!

Dana Loves Houston!

Dana Holverson has left the powerful Big 12 and West Virginia to take over the Houston Cougar AAC program!!  Houston visits Tulsa this year, so please tell Dana that his Brookside hangout, S & J Oyster, has been closed for some time!!

FOS NFL playoff picks!!

AFC Championship

Kansas City 31  New England 23
Chiefs Patrick Mahomes was slightly off but led the Chiefs to victory!  The Chief defense must have been really good young men for Christmas 🎄 because the defense looks nothing like they did before the man in the red suit came down the chimney!!  Cannon arm Mahomes no looked a pass and knocked a head linesman straight into the concussion protocol tent!!  Tyreek Hill had a 5-yard reception that turned into a 65-yard touchdown!!  This a 60 YAC (yards after catch) and for those that think a Yak is a Norwegian Elk you have just been corrected!!  Super all-stud team tight end Travis Kelce had 7 catches for ninety-six yards and 1 touchdown!!  Patriots QB Tom Brady was very upset with Gronkowski when he ran the wrong pattern in the 3rd Quarter!!   Brady then told Gronk that he could no longer use any of his Clairol Tanning Gel!!!  This hurt Gronk deeply and after the game, he announced that he will play for the Cleveland Browns next year!!  Baker to Gronk sounds good!!

NFC Championship

New Orlean Saints 33 Los Angeles Rams 28
The Rams Coach Sean McVay that if you see him at a bar you are immediately the next NFL super coaching prodigy!! He does have a photohygenic memory but that stop an all-out blitz?!?!  It did not in the NFC finals!!  The Saints have father time at QB in Drew Brees!!  He only gets better with time, is a term Drew and I have heard numerous times!!  New Orleans has the best wide receiver in the NFL, in Michael Thomas who had 125 catches this season!!  He had 8 for 145 and two touchdowns against the Patriots!!  The Saints are scary good this year and should win the Super Bowl by 7, despite the halftime show!!

Words of wisdom by the unwise one:
Never give your wife a Bread Oven for Christmas!!  

FOS have a super duper sports week!!

B in T/ FOS

B, in T

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Male Synchronized Swim Team at the Center/ FOS College Bball Picks!

Synchronized Underwater Swimming to the Center!!

The Center for the Physically Limited, my second home, will be opening it’s 40,000 square foot addition at the first of February 2019!!  It will be the second largest facility of its kind in America!!  The new building will have my name, B in T, on a brick above the entrance to the men’s restroom by the new Bocce court!!  I am very honored!!  I have been named captain of the male
synchronized underwater dance squad!! This team needs a lot of training and members!!

What post season tournament will YOUR team be in?

Oklahoma- NCAA- 4 seed
Kansas- NCAA - 2 seed
Oklahoma State- nada(4% chance to win big 12 tourney )
ORU- nada buuut 35% chance to win Summit post-season tournament!
Iowa State- NCAA- 10 seed
Kansas State- NCAA- 9 seed
Arkansas-  NCAA play-in game

FOS College Football notes:

Rumors are having Kyler Murray coming back to the Sooners 1 more year!!  He loves football and this OU season was spectacular, why not do it again!!  But the NFL and MLB payout a lot of dollars and BMOC at OU is so awesome but not 10 million dolla dolla bills yo!!

FOS College Basketball Picks!

Ole Miss 79  Arkansas 72
Ole Miss Guard Breein Tyree scored 27 and Arkansas Forward Daniel Gafford score 25 as two of the top 4 scorers in the SEC put on a show in Oxford, Mississippi!!  The Rebels fans were thrilled to learn that by beating the Hogs, Popeyes Chicken will give away one biscuit and spicy wing with the purchase of a 20 piece spicy liver bucket!!

Iowa State 88 OSU 67
Iowa State’s Cameron Lard is starting to act like the power forward that Coach Prohm had recruited last year by scoring 18 points and 7 rebounds in Ames, Iowa!!  Big 12 Conference All-everything Lindell Wigginton had a double-double with 15 points and 10 rebounds!!  OSU coach Boynton continues to nurse along his young basketball team is looking forward to next year when everyone will be a year older and wiser!!

Texas Tech 77 Kansas State 75 at Manhattan
Texas Tech is pushing for a high 3 seed in the NCAA tourney while the Wildcats are just trying to stay in the field of sixty-eight!!  Texas Tech is led by soph stud Jarrett Culver who is known for his high flying dunks and accurate shooting!!  Tech pulls this game out at the end with clutch free throw shooting!!  Manhattan, Kansan’s were so sad that they took down their K States flags hanging at their homes and replaced them with Kansas Jayhawk flags!!

Texas 82 Oklahoma 77
Longhorn coach Shaka Kahn pretty fired up when the team free throw shooting was 52% for the game!!  This was the highest in 15 games!!  Jaxson Hayes a 6’11” freshman is trying underarm granny shots at the free throw line!!  Oklahoma again plays a good opponent strong but ends up short of W!

UCF 68 Tulsa 61
UCF 7’8” center Tacko Fall managed 5 dunks, 5 rebounds, 5 missed free throws and 5 fouls in the first twenty-five minutes of his game against Tulsa University!!  Central Florida is quite a team and is fighting for a bid in the NCAA Tournament!!

Kansas 91 at West Virginia 86
Kansas big man Azubuike seems to be injury prone in conference play.  If you are 7’ tall and weigh 380 pounds you should be injuring others!!  Suck it up buttercup big man!!  West Virginia legendary coach Bob Huggins has a full-time nurse sitting behind him on the bench!!  She is watching for high blood pressure, dizziness, stomach indigestion, and finally, redface and eyeballs popping out of his sockets!!  Precautionary measures for Bob!!

Kentucky 82 at Auburn 80
Auburn coach Bruce Pearl had an awful week as he was trapped in a tanning bed for 50 minutes today before the Kentucky game!!  His orange-red like skin tone was offset only slightly by his orange and blue suit he wore for game time!!  Auburn big dollar donors sitting behind the team were issued Rayban Sunglasses before tip-off!!  Kentucky’s NBA front line outlasted the Tigers and their Hollywood coach!!

ORU 78 South Dakota 69
The Dakota schools continue to struggle and ORU takes advantage!!  ORU is in third place in the early standings of the Summit Conference!!   

B, in T