Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Carnac the Magnificent!

The Tonight Show
The late great Ed McMahon:  ”Pumpkin Poo Poo”
The late great Carnac the Magnificent:  ”What you look for when searching Oklahoma for the PUMPKIN MAN”!!!

Till next year you orange bastard!!

Fake NFL Picks

Chiefs 38  Browns 24
QB dual at the OK Corral in Cleveland!!  Both gunslingers Mahomes and Mayfield shot many bullets to their receivers and the Chiefs ended up standing alone at the OK Corral, Wyatt Earp style!!!  Mahomes and Mayfield later went to dinner to talk about the good old days at Texas Tech!!  They both lit a stogie and smiled!!  Are stogies brown or white?  👀

Steelers 28  Ravens 27
Steelers win a huge game on the road!!  Baltimore defense is tough but Rothlinsdoublebeefburger is on target for 3 touchdown passes!!  Doublebeef was 40 for 70 for 412 yards and 3 TDs and 1 interception!

Cowboys 34  Titans 13. Monday Night
The Cowboys have numerous flaws but not as many as the Titans!!  The Cowboy defense stepped up a couple of notches and are now acting like an NFL defense!!

Some words of wisdom from the Faked Out Sports Library!
”Never bring jalapeno-laced beans to a weekend football campfire retreat with a bunch of male 60-year-old farts!!”

Have a super sports weekend!!

B in T
B, in T


  1. I agree with every prediction except Baltimore will beat Pittsburg. Baltimore 28 Steelers 21

  2. C'mon Flacco, don't let me down. I will start rooting for the mighty Steelers when their best QB Mason takes the helm. Except when they play the Chief's of course. Then we will have another shootout. I will leave it to the expert (swammi B in T) to nickname the location.