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Top 5 Rivalry Football Games You Never Notice!

My wife has planted vegetables such as potatoes,
varieties of spicy hot peppers, tomatoes, and sage!!
I, on the other hand, during the Coronavirus
have planted my butt in front of the big-screen
TV and vegged on Netflix!!
by FOS/B in T
  • Is it possible to have a route canal virtually? Maybe with an assistant in a bikini?
  • Just Sayin’!
  • FOS Notes ’bout Nuthin’:
  • Backyard Vegetable Gardening During Pandemic!!
The Remake of Candyman will be Released in September 2020!!

The original Candyman movie with Tony Todd has a very interesting undertone and is filmed in the Chicago low-income apartments.  Tony Todd is expected to have another appearance in candyman 2 but will not portray The Candyman!!
  B in T is a horror film freak thanks to his younger sister who got him hooked on Freddy Kruger (pun intended) and Hellraiser horror flicks!!  The movie is gruesome and not for the younger crowd!!  Candyman 2 is scheduled to come out on September 25, 2020!!  Jordan Peele is the Director Candyman 2!!

Top Oklahoma High School Football Diners

Fans will be in attendance at all of Bryan in Tulsa’s football picks in 2020!!

FOS/B in T


Notes ’bout Nuthin: 

The Football Super Picker is Back in 2020!!

With a record of 1,246 correct picks and 2 incorrect picks, FOS B in T will make all his high school, college and pro picks at full stadiums with team Coronavirus masks on everyone!!  


Jacob Johnson, High School Sophomore from Mustang, Oklahoma could be best dual-sport athlete in America!!

The two-sport Mustang phenom, already a highly coveted football recruit, had long been awaiting his first Division I basketball offers - but to no avail. That all changed in a span of 48 hours this past week, as Oklahoma State, TCU, and Oklahoma extended basketball scholarships to the 2023 standout.  In-state schools Oklahoma and Oklahoma State have offered football and basketball scholarships to Jacobe Johnson before the start of his sophomore year at Mustang High!!  At 6’3” and 185 pounds he could be a wideout or defensive back in college or a guard in college basketball!!  He is a huge Sooner fan but his dad played basketball for Billy Tubbs at TCU!!

FOS Top 8 Friday High School Football 
Diners 2020:

  1.  Click’s Steakhouse – Pawnee
The shining stars at Click’s are the huge, hand-cut steaks that are uniquely seasoned with a closely-guarded secret recipe and cooked on a hot griddle. The steaks at Click’s are known for being fork-tender and plate-sized. Choose between prime rib, filet mignon, ribeyes or T-bones and feast on Southern side dishes such as okra, sweet potatoes and sautéed mushrooms. For dessert, you can’t go wrong with Click’s made-from-scratch pies and a serving of cherry, apple, peach or blackberry cobbler.

2.  White Dog Hill,   Clinton, Ok
White Dog Hill Restaurant in Clinton is the perfect place to go to take you a million miles away from the busyness of life and the perfect place to go before a Clinton football game!!  It is situated on a hill and offers panoramic prairie views, amazing sunsets, incredible food, and a nostalgic atmosphere.

3.  Kendall’s Restaurant.  Noble, Oklahoma  
Kendall’s Restaurant is one of those small town restaurants with a reputation that reaches around the state. South of Norman in the town of Noble, Kendall’s Restaurant (100 S Main St, Noble) is known for chicken fried steak and fried Oklahoma mountain oysters!!

4.  Hammett House Restaurant – Claremore Hot spot for Claremore Football games!

A local staple since the 1960s, the Hammet House is known for its home cooking and well-prepared American comfort food. Visitors to this Claremore mainstay will enjoy freshly-cut steaks, onion ring balls, old-fashioned burgers, catfish “po-boy” sandwiches, pork chops, ham steaks, hot mashed potato rolls and more. A trip to the Hammett House wouldn’t be complete without a serving of the restaurant’s famous mile-high pies, made fresh each morning.

5.   Hatfield's Grill, Address: 11223 East Admiral Boulevard, Tulsa, OK, 74116.      East Central, Hale, Central Memorial, and BTW are in range for this 5-star restaurant!!
Hatfield’s Grill will never let you down with their excellent service and tasty food. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner six days a week. It's located inside Garrett's Country Store & Grill, so you can pick up some snacks, gifts, and drinks to take home. One of the top recommendations from patrons is the fried chicken. It's breaded just right and seasoned with the perfect amount of spices.

6.  Mugsy's Grubhouse, Address: 215 West Chicago Avenue, Yale, OK 74085

Looking for a new dining spot to enjoy a delicious meal in a great atmosphere? This small town grub house in Yale serves up the most delicious food that’s worth the extra drive to experience it. It's a Western-themed steakhouse that will take you back in time to the late 1800s but with a beautiful modern twist.

7.  Tacos N Taters Fajitas, Address: 112 West Floral Avenue, Frederick, OK, 73542
This small town restaurant offers a unique combination of Mexican food and potatoes. You wouldn’t think the two go together like bread and butter, but they know how to mix things up so they complement each other just right. They bring unique flavors from Mexico to the Sooner State and offer some of the best Mexican food around.

8.  Prairie Smoke BBQ,  Blackwell, Ok

Close to Friday Night Lights at Tonkawa, Newkirk, Perry, and of course Blackwell! will take you about 10 minutes to get there but it is soooo much better than the franchise choices. This place is right in the middle of the old downtown district. The parking is at the front door. The service is super fast, the food excellent, and the staff extremely helpful and friendly. You will see far more locals than outsiders, so that speaks volumes.

The New Sooner Schooner IV Has Suspension Made by Tesla!

FOS Projected National League Central Division Finish:

1.  St Louis Cardinals -      36-24      --
Too much veteran pitching and rookie Dylan Carlson is the real deal!

2.  Cincinnati Reds -     33 - 27     3     GB
Good young hitters, pitching average.

3.  Milwaukee Brewers -  31- 29     5     GB
Outfielders Yelich and Braun will have good years but pitching sucks!

4.  Chicago Cubs - 25 - 35     11    GB
Cubbies seem to have a strong corner power with Bryant and Rizzo, the rest are .240 line drive hitters with average fielding!

5.  Pittsburg Pirates - 23 - 37.     13      GB
The Pirates have bat thunder but getting pitching is still the story!

FOS Top 5 College Assistant Coaches that could be a Head Coach tomorrow:

  1. Brent Venables Defensive Coordinator Clemson Has been the leader in this category for years!!  He may never leave Clemson, family, and comfort comes first!
  2. Mike Elko DC Texas A&M A young 43-year-old who is reaching his potential with Aggie's talent!
  3. Alex Grinch, DC Oklahoma- He really made the Washington State defense and has Oklahoma much- Already being eyes for some SEC gigs in 2021!
  4. Graham Harrell OC USC- Graham has a very wanted offensive playbook!!
  5. Marcus Freeman DC Cincinnati - Formerly with Ohio State, he will hang around the Bearcats until head coach Fickell leaves to the power 5!  Freeman will take over Cincinnati, or flee with Fickell! 

FOS Top 5 Coaches Haircuts of All-Time!!

  1. Jimmy Johnson - Coached the Dallas Cowboys, OSU Cowboys, and Miami Hurricane.  He once did some drills without a helmet against OSU Cowboy players with helmets and cracked three helmets!!  His hair spray was also used in two James Bond movies in the seventies to stop bullets!!
  2. Mike Gundy - Current Coach of the OSU Cowboys.  He has set the standard in Mullett hairstyles all over the world!!!  He has been asked to be a consultant for the movie Joe Dirt II which release date is July of 2021!  Google it!
  3. Pat Riley - Coached the L.A. Lakers and Miami Heat.  Was GQ cover boy from the sports arena for years!  Folks that do not follow NBA basketball insist he is from the Gambino mob!!  He once ran out of Gel-cream and canceled a press conference!!
  4. Pete Carroll - Head Coach Seattle Seahawks-  Coach Pete is in great shape and for 89 years old!!  His hair makes him look 51!!
  5. B in T - Coached a number of Little League games!!   Never lost!!  Google it!  His hair is so obnoxious that small birds live in it!!  No Shat!!

FOS Number One Pro Football Haircut of all Time:

John Unitas - Baltimore Colts 

FOS Bobbleheads:   
My eldest granddaughter Ana is 3 years old.  Her mother is very competitive and wanted a sport that might be more challenging for this young whippersnapper!!  So she has Ana in youth trick water skiing in Langley, Oklahoma!!  Ana is very intrigued by her looks in her trick water skiing class (as seen in pictures below!)  Ana placed third in the Grand Lake toddler trick ski off!!

I have explained to all 5 of my grandchildren (4 girls and 1 boy) that boys let smelly farts and girls let dainty fluffies!!!!! 


Have a great sports week!!

B in T / FOS
B, in T

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Zombie Apocalypse Will Not Stop Youth Sports in NE Oklahoma!

Not Even a Zombie Apocalypse Contagion will stop Youth Sports in Oklahoma!!
by B in T -, syndicated in

  • FOS Notes ’bout Nuthin:
  • FOS Bobblehead Sports
  • Zombie Apocalypse Alert has hit Tulsa!!
Numerous Tulsa area youth baseball and youth soccer parents and coaches state that they are ”not afraid of the Zombie Apocalypse and will simply wear masks and carry a taser!!”
  A group of Tulsa Karen’s threatened to riot Tulsa malls and beauty parlors if they were not allowed to have their children play summer sports during the Zombie Apocalypse!  According to youth league officials, parents, players, and umpires must sign an agreement to stay 6 feet away from a Zombie!!  Stay tuned to Faked Out Sports for further Zombie coverage!! 

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

College Football Tailgating CAN be done!

FOS - Tailgating During College Games With No Fans is VITAL!

FOS B in T


FOS Notes ’bout Nuthin:

B in T and Faked Out Sports can learn a few things from Fake News!!

I have watched more CNN, Fox News and MSNBC in 4 months this than I have in my previous 92 years on this planet!!

The Media informs me the following:

If you wear a Coronavirus mask you are going to vote for Mumbles Biden and if you do not wear a mask you are voting for Plump Trump!!

Trump's press secretary is a cute blond and should not wear a mask, also not much of a personality!

The CBS Evening News starts each newscast with the world is ending and finishes with a special piece on Balloonfest 2020!

On a windy day in Washington, D.C. President Trump's hair look like dust tornado in Anadarko, Oklahoma!

Most democrats believe Nancy Pelosi is a brunette fox and Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is butt ugly!!

Republicans and most other humans think that Mrs. McEnany is a stone-cold press Goddess and Nanny Pelosi is the wicked witch of Gremlins!!

The CBS Evening News starts each newscast with the world is ending and finishes with a special piece on Balloonfest 2020!. 

FOS Top 4 College Football Tailgate Party Towns in Each Conference:

American Athletic Conference Top Tailgates:

    1 SMU- Pony fans don’t tailgate, they Boulevard. Bishop Boulevard on the SMU
campus in Dallas is the pregame hub at SMU games. If you want to experience what it’s like to attend an SMU Mustangs game, then you need to stop by The Boulevard.
2.  Houston  With the opening of TDECU Stadium in 2014 football and tailgating have returned to the University of Houston Campus. The university is pulling out all the stops to develop a strong tailgating culture here at Houston. You’ll find that not only does Houston offer you a wealth of tailgating options, but the fans here like most Texans take football and tailgating very seriously creating an excellent tailgating environment.

3.  Cincinnati
Tailgating is alive and well at Cincinnati where you’ll find a bevy of tailgate options that will satisfy any die-hard tailgater. Here at Cincinnati, you’ll find not only an on-campus tailgate area known as The GRID, but you’ll also find that multiple block parties are going on around the campus on gameday that you can join in on.

4.  Central Florida
UCF is one of the largest universities in the country, and as a result, it has one of the biggest and best tailgates in the country. The fans here are pretty diehard when it comes to cheering on their Knights and they love to tailgate and let loose before watching the Knights take the field.

5.  Tulsa

NOTE:  Tulsa University tailgating can be whole lot of fun and at times is more exciting than attending the actual football game!  Thanks to Hasty-Bake and the Lambda Chi Alph house on TU tailgating grounds, I have trouble remembering numerous games!!

Big 12 Conference Top Tailgates:

  1. West Virginia University
Let’s put it this way: the fact that “Go Mountaineers” and “Let’s Drink Some Beers” rhyme with each other is a fact that isn’t lost among the West Virginia faithful. But these fans are as passionate as you’ll find at any University on the eastern seaboard, with or without the benefit of suds.

2.  University of Oklahoma
With all due respect to their Big 12 counterparts one state to the south, people will tell you that Oklahoma knows how to bring the southwestern flare to a tailgate. There’s a little something for everyone in Norman on game day, and the center of activity is near the intersection of Jenkins Avenue and Lindsey Street, just south of the stadium.

3.  University of Texas
Even students and alumni who went to college in some of the most aesthetically pleasing Universities in this nation has to offer will tell you that there are few more beautiful locales than the campus and surroundings of the University of Texas.

4.  Texas Christian University
TCU has recently partnered with the industry leader, Tailgate Guys, to offer premium tailgate packages in front of Ed and Rae Schollmaier Arena for the 2020 Pandemic Tailgate year!!

FOS Big 10 Conference Top Tailgates::

  1. Iowa
The best part about tailgating at Iowa games is that the tailgating doesn’t stop with kickoff.  School officials allow tailgating to last for hours after the game ends, which is a good thing, especially when the Hawkeyes win.  The other signature piece of Iowa tailgates is the Big (Bleeping) Turkey Leg, began by the recently retired Chuck Ford and continued by a plethora of others.

2.  Ohio State

No tailgate list would be complete without the university that brags about being The Ohio State University.  Ohio State is steeped in tradition, including everything from Skull Sessions (pep rallies) at St. John Arena, The Best Damn Band in the Land, the wearing of scarlet and gray, the seriousness about competing for a national championship, and the spelling out of O-H-I-O.

3.  Penn State
Happy Valley is hours away from a major metropolitan area, so a city emerges on game days.  Beaver Stadium becomes a virtual snowfall when fans wear white during White Out games (usually against rivals like Ohio State or Michigan).  The student section becomes “Zombie Nation” when the techno song “Kernkraft 400” is blasted on the loud system.  The vibration from the students jumping became such a concern at one point that stadium officials tried cutting back the number of times the song was played throughout the game, replacing it with The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” and Blur’s “Song 2.”  After student complaints (and engineering studies deemed the stadium safe), the song was brought back.  

4.  Nebraska

Memorial Stadium, nestled near downtown Lincoln, Neb., gives fans a chance to bar hop before games, a nice convenience considering the alcohol restrictions on campus.  The downtown experience is electric. The town becomes the third-largest city in the state on game days.T  The Unity Walk by the players is also memorable.  But over the past few years, tailgate backyard parties have become an epic adventure for students.  

Southeastern Conference Top Taigates::

1.  Texas A&M
There’s a reason Texas A&M fans are called The 12th Man. Enter Kyle Field, and see 102,733 fans sway in unison to the chants by Aggie Yell Leaders.  As far as tailgating, the food and hospitality are top notch.  Cooking is an art form in College Station with outrageously delicious selections like smoked brisket, stuffed jalapenos, bacon mixed with cream cheese, ribeye wrapped with bacon and covered with bleu cheese, and all types of prime cuts — including gator bites when Florida comes to visit.
If you follow college football, you’ve heard of the Grove. And if you’ve never been, you need to put it on your bucket list.  A leafy, 10-acre wonderland of tents is college football’s version of fine dining and etiquette.  Approximately 25,000 fans fill the area for Rebels contests, and it’s the reason why Ole Miss has a saying, “We may not win every game, but we never lose a party."  You can’t do any cooking with an open flame, but there are plenty of things to do.  Other traditions include the Walk of Champions, started in 1985 by coach Billy Brewer, who began leading the players through the packed crowd on the route through the Grove to Vaught-Hemingway Stadium.

3.  LSU
When it comes to food, LSU might just provide the best in college football.
Walk the Parade Grounds, and it’s like a smorgasbord of Cajun food, including boudin, jambalaya, sausage, sauce piquante, crawfish, etouffee, and gumbo.  Food is so central to the LSU experience that a cheer can be heard throughout the weekend: “Hot boudin, cold couche-couche, come on Tigers, push, push, push!”

4.  Georgia vs. Florida (Huge Cocktail Party!)
The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party lives up to its name.  Fans decked out in blue and orange or red and black pitch tents and set up grills on parking lots, underpasses, grassy lots, nooks, crannies and every imaginable spot within walking distance of Everbank Field in Jacksonville.  For this tailgate occasion (usually in late October or early November), an average of 150,000 fans arrive for game day and many never make it into the stadium, choosing to party throughout the game along St. John’s River.

Small College Top Tailgates:

  1. Harvard-Yale
The Harvard-Yale rivalry dates back to 1875, so there must be some knowledge of how to tailgate at the contest known as "The Game."  Yale leads the series 67-59-8 (what happened with the ties?).  Tailgating is a refined traditional event, but The Game is more known for its pranks.  The most famous practical joke was in 2004, when Yale students got the Harvard student section to raise placards that read "We Suck." The prank went viral and was featured on several news shows as well as "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

2.  North Dakota State
Bison home games are like homecoming — for every home game.  As the saying goes, "the strength of the bison is the herd," and fans exhibit the pride in tremendous ways, so much so that ESPN's "College GameDay" makes the trip to Fargo on a regular basis.  Food selections include deer, buffalo or moose, delicacies hard to find anywhere else on this list.

3.  McDaniel College
McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland, may be small in size but it’s one that shouldn’t be missed. Parking spots fill up fast at this drive-in tailgate where Green Terror fans can drive up to the ridge that overlooks the field. This means that you can tailgate while you are watching the game, and it doesn’t get much better than that.

Things to know before Tailgating Pandemic Style!

How old is the average Tailgater?
4% are between 12-20
60% are between the ages of 25-44
9% are over 55 years old.  Do not sneeze or fart on old folks!  Wear football helmet masks!

Who Tailgates more, men or women?
79% are men ladies spike his liquor with some crazy stuff, take the car keys and the Mastercard and shop while game is on!!  He will never know!!
18% are female   
15% Are Karens

What is the last level of education completed?
23% have a high school diploma
 have a college degree
14% have graduate degrees.  5% will vote for Biden

How many times a year do they Tailgate?
46% Tailgate 6-10 times a season
21 Tailgate 11-15 times
8% Tailgate at more than 16 games in a season.  Cut that

by 50% during Coronavirus!!

Who does the shopping?
44% of Tailgate food is bought by both the husband and wife
27% by just the husband
21% leave the shopping to someone else.  The food must be prepared by someone who will wear a Coronavirus mask!

How much do they spend?
42% of our Tailgaters spend over $500 a season on food and supplies
31% spend between $200-$500.  Add 200 for liquor expense!  Bryan in Tulsa spends 500+ on liquor and brownie mixes!

How long does it take to get to the game?
49% travel less than one hour to the stadium
15% travel between 2-4 hours
8% travel more than 4 hours
Tulsa games take 5 minutes to get to and 5 days to recover!

How early do they get there?
9% set-up 1-2 house prior
51% set-up 3-4 hours before the game
39% set-up more than 5 hours before kick-off.  Depends on if Mrs. B in T goes or not!

Are they really cooking in the Parking Lot?
95% of our Tailgaters prepare their food at the stadium
5% bring fast food or prepared food to the stadium
Brownies are prepared 3 days ahead of the next game!

What are they cooking on?
39% use a grill to cook
1% use a smoker
1% use a stove
59% Use a combination of grills, stoves, and smokers to cook!  
Based on their responses here is the make-up of a "typical tailgater"...
College educated male
Between the ages of 35 and 44
Spends over $500 a year on tailgating food
Attends and/or hosts 6-10 Tailgate Parties each season.
Uses separate coolers for food and beverages.
Travels less than one hour to get to the game
Tailgate party begins 3-4 hours before kickoff

Words of wisdom from the unwise one:
The best way to start your day,
is to apply some Ben-Gay!!

Have a great sports week!!


FOS/ B in T
B, in T