Tuesday, March 19, 2019

NCAA Basketball at BOK Center!/ NCAA Picks!

Faked Out Sports/ B in T

Tulsa is Hosting the Midwest NCAA Tournament First Round Games at the BOK Center!!

The last time BOK Center hosted the NCAA Tournament there were probably a fourth as many restaurants and bars as there are currently in the renovated downtown Tulsa!!  The largest Metropolis Park in America called the Gathering Place was completed 6 months ago!!  New Brew Houses, Resturants, and Hotels seem to arise weekly!!  The days of vagrants passed out on 1st and Boulder are now surrounded by millennials in skinny jeans drinking their perfectly brewed beer in fufu glasses!!  We will put on an amazing show for the NCAA Basketball fans!!

FOS First Round NCAA Shorty Picks!!

LSU 3 Yale 14 seed.   LSU by 20. Great win for the Tigers but they are strapped by 3 years probation and coach Preppy is immediately fired at the team Hyatt after the game!!

’Cuse 8 Baylor 9 seed.   Baylor by 3.  Which of these teams has more NCAA sports violations?  Baylor by 3!!

Kansas 4 Northeastern 13 seed.  Kansas by 16.  Jayhawks were favored by 3 if they played these guys in any city but Kansas City!!  I wonder whose palms were greased for that to happen?$?!

Cincinnati 7 Iowa 10   Bearcats by 6
The Bearcats are long, fast and athletic, while the Hawkeyes were big but slow!!  Nuff said!

Ole Miss 8 OU 9   Ole Miss by 8
The Sooners continue to stink up the place by losing to an average SEC team!!   

Texas Tech 3 Northern Kentucky 14  
Red Raiders by 28.   The Red Raiders creamed the Norther Charmin Hilltoppers in a game that was moved to the IDTV channel for lack of interest!!

Kansas State 4 UC Irvine 13 seed.  
Kansas State by 10.  Always take a Wildcat to chew up an Anteater!!

Tennessee 2 Coalgate 15 seed. 
Volunteers by 23.  The Volunteers were no match for a toothpaste!!  Smile!!  Funny right?

Virginia 1 Gardner-Webb 16 seed. 
Cavaliers by 98.  My wife and I went to Lowes last week to buy a Gardner-Webb lawnmower!!  Just saying!

Florida State 4 Vermont 13  *********UPSET SPECIAL***********
Vermont by 2.     The Vermont Catamounts dismount the Seminoles with a 10 point rally in the last 3 minutes!!   The Catamount is a huge 7’ mountain lion-like creature that is currently extinct as was the Seminole defense for the last 3 minutes!!

Marquette 5 Murray State 12 seed. 
************Upset Special************
Murray State by 5.   Racer Superstar Ja Morant scores thirty-four to upset the Marquette Golden Eagles 73 to 68!!

Words of wisdom from the unwise one:
Always floss after colored popcorn!!

Have a great sports week!

Bryan in Tulsa

B, in T

Monday, March 18, 2019

Nightmare for Russ in Salt Lake City / Free Market for College Athletes

FOS/ Bryan in Tulsa

FOS Notes

Westbrook Running for Salt-lake City, Mayor?

Russell Westbrook’s viral statement to a Utah fan seems to be an example of fans being too vocal and too close to basketball players physically!!  No other sport has fans within a few feet of athletes. Russell response was over the top but fans will always be breathing down the necks of players!!  The Paul Bunyan looking dude that verbally attacked Russell Westbrook, true self was demonstrated on a barrage of nasty, gross comments on Facebook needs to be banned from Jazz games forever!!  So increase the security and make sure the idiots are further away from the player!!  Ban a whole Jazz section and serve tea and crumpets!
No Keystone Beer!!

Oklahoma City Hand and Finger Surgeon to Sponsors the Kingfisher Noodling Tournament in June!!

Some of the best Noodlers in the Midwest will be in Kingfisher, Oklahoma June the 8th and 9th!!  Last years competition was marred by scandal as numerous competitors tested positive for PEDs in their Noodle grabbing hand!!  Faked Out Sports and Fox Sports Noodle will be covering this event over all of Oklahoma and Arkansas!!  Last year’s winner, Soupy Sanders, will not be at the 2019 Tournament from having his arm reattached after it was bitten off by a flat nose alligator catfish in the Arkansas River!  Numerous Noodling participants will be wearing ribbons in honor of his dead arm!

Why Not Free Market Student Athletes in  College Sports!!

Every Student Athlete can get the most dollars they want/deserve on the American Free market!!  Zion Williams gets 2 million a year for playing 3 years at Duke paid for by Nike!!  TU Quarterback Zach Smith get 100k per year for playing football and car promotions at Don Thornton Ford!!  You getting my drift?  UCLA female cockswane captain for the top ranked Bruin Rowing team receives 25k per year from Certa Row Oars each year she is on the team!!  All these deals for the student athletes are supplemental to their board and tuition!!   No fair waaaah!!  Texas and Oklahoma in football, and North Carolina, Kentucky and Duke basketball will have an advantage and always have larger sponsorship dollars than the Tulsas and Tulanes of the world!!  Guess what-THEY ALREADY DO!!!!!  Fair market in college sports, now that is progress!!


The Redbirds continue to have issues with the lack of hitting from their starting left fielder and right fielder!!  With the amount of money the birds are spending on Marcel Ozuna and Dexter Fowler they will be given every   opportunity to shine!!  But if they  are both batting below the Mendoza line in May look for Muscles O'Neill and Jose Martinez to be in left and right field!!   Speedy and powerful CF prospect Lane Thomas should is also considered a top prospect in the farm system!!

The Royals have lost their all-star catcher Eduardo Perez who is having Tommy John surgery for the whole year!!  They just signed catcher Martin Moldanado for 1.5 million dollars with 1.5 mil in incentives!!  

Words of Wisdom from the Unwise One!!
Unless you want a Rug Rats riot never turn off Paw Patrol before school!

Have a great sports week!

FOS B in T



Andre Tourihno, Golf and Fitness Expert, Southern Hills
Colin Magruder, Mtg Broker, Evolve Bank
Speedling Inc., Leon Zinc III
Uncle Thurston, Dallas, Tx
Steve’s Happy Dog Home, Sherri Watson
Christina Morrill, United Country Landrum Realty, Inc. 
Chris Taylor, sports writer FanSided
Bob’s Bail Bonds and Car Wash (Chicago, IL)
Big Brother Bill’s Psychic Palm Reading and Bed & Breakfast (Tulsa, OK)
MR Bait, Fishing Tackle and Homemade Fudge Shop (Boulder, CO)
Weh’s Wiener Wagon and Dry Cleaners, Lawrence, Kansas
T-Brew’s Cockroach Farm and Pizza Palace, Tulsa, OK
Dr. Richard Stevens DDS
Roy Thomason Retired Sigma Chi TU
Richard Bartley, Retired old fart, Calvary Portfolio Services

B, in T

Monday, March 11, 2019

Tulsa Football Brings in Money? Put Down the Fatty!’/ Ex NFL Players USA Curlers!?!?

Faked Out Sports/B in T

FOS Notes

Is the University of Tulsa Football Program Really a Drain Financially on the Overall Athletics??

The Tulsa Football team will be traveling to Michigan State, in 2019, to Oklahoma State in 2020, to Oklahoma State and to Ohio State in 2021, to Ole Miss in 2022, to Washington in 2023 and to LSU in 2028!!  These trips will bring in an average of 1.2 million dollars in gross income per trip!!  No TU athletic team will sniff this gross income number!!  TU basketball made some small monies when making the NCAA tournament 9 times in 1981 through the early 2000s but have just played in 1 game in 2016 until now!!  Thus no cash flow from basketball in almost twenty years!!  So the next time I hear some dufus tell me how costly the football team is and why do they keep playing 2 for 1 against the Power 5 teams, I will drop some ”f” bombs!!  As a friend of mine often says “smokem if you gottem”!

Very Large Curling Team!!??

Would you believe that former NFL football players are striving to be in the Olympics in 2022 in the sport of Curling!!  No, I did not mix up my daily pill tray!!  True stuff!!  Ex NFL players Jared Allen, Mark Bulger, Keith Bullock and Michael Roos are all All-pros and are on the team!!  Former Olympian John Benton has agreed to Coach the team for free Viking tickets and an ice fishing out house of his choosing!!

Padres Spend A Half Billion for Mediocrity!

The San Diego Padres signed Manny Machado for 300 Billion dollars and he refuses to run out grounders!!  Great example for all little leaguers in the San Diego area!!  The Padres forgot to spend a little cashola on pitching!!  With starters such as Joey Lucchesi, Robbie Erin and Bryan Mitchell I feel comfortable stating that the team that spent a little under a half a bill for Muchada and Hosmer will break seventy wins if lucky!!  La de frickin da!

Zion’s Parents are Making the Call fo Play or no Play!!??

FOS conspiracy theory:  Zion Williamson's parents have told Coach K that he will not play the rest of the year!!  Coach K is sandbagging ESPN and the Dukey Nation!!  Never trust the beady-eyed Duke Coach!!  

FOS College Basketball Conference Tournament Picks!

Big 12 First Round Wednesday Kansas City

Oklahoma 80 West Virginia 71
Sooner superstar athletic director Joe Castiglione attempted to get permission from the Kansas City Kemper Arena to allow a miniature OU Boomer Sooner Schooner on the basketball court!!  The OU Schooner were to be pulled by miniature ponies before the game and at halftime!!  The Sooners were denied, even when they offered to use special miniature poop baggies!!

Oklahoma State 72 TCU 71
The Horny Frog players complained of stomach issues after eating at Arthur Bryant's BBQ!!  The coaching staff for the OSU Cowboys did eat at A-B's about an two hours prior to the Froggy team arrival!!  Three players for the Frogs were forced to miss the game due to excessive renal fluctuates!!  Both teams only had 6 scholarship players available!!  The horny toad mascot was also forced to miss the game!!  Awful publicity for Kansas City BBQ folks!!

American Athletic Conference Thursday Memphis Fed Ex Forum

Tulsa 77 SMU 70 
The Golden Hurricane win game for the opportunity to play the Houston Cougars who are arguably the hottest team in all of College Basketball!!  TU defense clamped down on the SMU team that led by 8 at half!!  Tulsa big man Martins Inagba had a big game with twenty points and eight rebounds!!  The TU and SMU AARP alums had another almost rhubarb at their pre-party before tip-off!  The SMU elders notice that their buffet did not have the same amount of starch that the TU buffet did!  Just as the TU and SMU Happy Timer ladies began to come to blows,  the Fed Ex arena staff brought out some mashed cauliflower casserole to save the day!!  The men exchanged their personal party flasks


Pitcher Carlos Martinez has been shelved for the first two weeks of Spring ball!  Look for the Cardinals to take a hard look at Carlos in the back end of the bullpen this year!!  His stamina and arm strength are more suitable for relief roles and his ERA was almost a point better in relief last year!!

First baseman Anthony Rizzo has taken over the leadership role for the Cubs in spring training.  He has recently stated that the intensity must start the first game of regular season and continue until they win the world series!!  Dreams do come true in Disney World Rizzo?!?!

FOS Thunder Nation

As I attended the Thunder vs Grizzlies game last week I noticed the crowd in my area was very frustrated in Mr Westbrook continued shooting and missing shots from beyond the 3 point line!!  With 5 minutes left and behind by by eleven points Westbrook this time backed up 5 more feet behind the 3 point line and as the crowd around me screamed ’no’ he swished the next shot THROUGH the hoop!!  He then rallied the Thunder for a win and B in T and his wife left the Chesapeake happy that Westbrook was on their side!!  Dilly frickin Dilly!!

Words of wisdom from the unwise one!!
Never drink Jaeger then use a cane to walk!!

Have a great sports week!!

FOS/B in T

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Monday, March 4, 2019

Thunder Stars Staying on the Plains of Oklahoma

FOS Notes

Thunder Fans Should Feel Blessed and Not Bitch!!

No two current NBA stars are more dedicated to a city than Paul George and Russell Westbrook are to a midwestern town called Oklahoma City!!!  In the age of NBA players changing teams because of Hollywood careers, their mom’s like the nail and hair salons better, the climate of the city is nice despite the fact that they play indoors, and their illegal contraband is easier attainable in certain cities, OKC still rocks!!

Bocce Ball Traveling Team Mascot!

Our first traveling team Bocce Ball Tournament will be in Overland Park, Kansas on May 5, 2019!!  Although B in T did not make the traveling team, and has not passed a drug tests he has been allowed to travel with the team to Overland Park and to St Louis in May!!  B in T is in charge of fun and frolic on the team bus, to and fro Overland Park!!

Bocce Challenge to all Oklahoma Sports Media Folks

The Center for the Physically Challenged will be hosting the Eddie Sutton Challenge:  SHOOT for the Center on May 18th!! This will be a great fundraiser with the help of Oklahoma media members shooting hoops for Center funds!!  I would like to propose a Bocce Tournament or even a Bocce Clinic with the Oklahoma media members at our new Bocce Ball court in our new Hardesty Adaptive Athletic Facility!!  See such sport media greats as Bill Haisten, Dean Blevins, and Chris Lincoln attempt bocce shots!!  Also B in T will not charge for any autographs!!

FOS College Basketball Picks!!  

Kansas State 72 Oklahoma 66
KState Big 12 Champions and Sooners end up in 9th place!!!   Who’d a thunk it!!  Sooners play tough in Manhattan while K State makes free throws in the 4th quarter!!

Iowa State 78 Texas Tech 75
Clone Nation is excited to have Iowa State beat Tech at Lubbock and sweep the Red Raiders at home!!  This was a special day in Ames as the individual that throws a rubber ear of corn 🌽 into a small box on the court at halftime wins a 2015 Hummer in ‘Clone colors!!  Thousands of rubber ears were thrown and none made the 12’ by 12’ box!!  Seven Red Raider fans were injured by flying rubber corn coming from the ‘Clone student section!!

Okla State 85 West Virginia 80
The OSU basketball team was down to 5 scholarship players, 3 walk ons and Pistol Pete who took up two roster positions because of his large head!!

Kansas 88 Baylor 78
Kansas is starting to get it’s act together and Coach Self is looking like a genius again!!  Coach Self has lost weight and has his blood pressure back below the 200s!!  The FBI has dropped some pellets of bad news but not as much as the NCAA investigators are fixing to!!

Arkansas 77 Alabama 66
The Hogs will be eyeing the NIT 1 or 2 seed!! Many folks think that if the Hoglets don’t make the NCAA tourney, Coach Anderson may be on the outs in Fayetteville!!  B in T has some personal ties to Coach Anderson from the TU days and feels like moving Coach Anderson out the door would be a huge mistake!!  He recruits well and has a clean program! 

Memphis 77 Tulsa 70
Memphis and Tulsa are both making pushes for the AAC Tournament and possible NIT Tournament seeding!!  Memphis has NBA player Hardaway as coach and Hurricane has Haith as coach!!  The NIT committee will see more glitter with Penny Hardaway than Haith so TU will need to raise some ’Cane in AAC tourney!!


Future Hall of Fame catcher Yadier Molina insists he will play one hundred and forty plus games this year, without injury!!  Backup catcher Fransisco Pena is back after the Redbirds traded Kelly for slugger superstar Goldschmidt!  Goldschmidt took uniform number 46 while which was Pena’s number last year!!  Pena gladly took the number 47 to make room for the newly acquired slugger!!  The Redbirds signed Miles Mikolas to a 4-year extension beginning in 2020!!  Mikolas will be the opening day starter for 2019 hopefully more!!

FOS projected opening day lineup:

Ben Zobrist OF
Kris Bryant 3B
Anthony Rizzo 1B
Javier Baez SS
Kyle Schwaber OF
Wilson Contreras C
Ian Happ 2B
Albert Alomar CF
Kyle Hendricks P

Projection NL Central- Dead Last

FOS projected opening day lineup

George Springer CF
Alex Bregman  3B
Jose Altuve 2B
Carlos Correa SS
Yuli Gurriel 1B
Michael Brantly OF
Josh Reddick OF
Tyler White DH
Robinson Chiri C

Justin Verlander P

Astros FOS projected for 1st in AL Central

Words of Wisdom from the Unwise One!
Shingles can be very irritating when you are old and discover it has nothing to do with roofing your home!!

Have a great sports week!!
FOS/B in T


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