Saturday, December 8, 2018

Coaching Changes Before Christmas/ First Bowl Projections

Faked Out Sports Coaching Carousel

Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh is a candidate for any college coaching job that he does not have to play his brother!!

I would like to suggest that we discuss with some of the Tulsa mucketty muck attorneys that handle the TU endowments, releasing some chicken to get coach Kingspreppy a large contract!!

FOS just heard that ex OU and current North Texas HC Seth Littrell is on the shortlist for the for a number of current or potential college football jobs!!  Current North Texas and ex Locust Grove QB Mason Fine would likely Grad Transfer to haunt the all the teams that ignored his recruiting!!!

Mike Leach going back to Texas Tech is as likely as B in T and Faked Out Sports writing for Sporting News!!
B in T Contributing Editor

Mac Brown is back coaching at North Carolina and is only 67, hell I thought he was 87!!  I need his hair product and his money!!

Ex-Sooner DC, was Mile Stoops is rumored to be on the shortlist for the Central Michigan head coaching position!!  Hell there are times I would take him or Venaballs back at OU!!  My meds must be jacked up!!

USC Coach Helton has retained his job despite being booed at by the Trojan faithful against Notre Dame!  His staff is leaving but he is staying per Athletic Director Mike Garrett!!  Cliff Kingsbury and his Days of our Lives yuppie beard were hired to be the OC!!

North Texas’ Seth Littrell will have a long interview with the Kansas State muckety mucks!! Kansas State needs some Sooner blood on their team!!

FOS Bowl Game Picks


New Mexico Bowl                                                  Bad Chilupa 
North Texas 43  Utah State 32
Numerous players on both sides had food poisoning at the New Mexico Bowl dinner at the all you could eat Los Chilupa in Albuquerque!!  Mason Fine from Locust Grove, Ok, via North Texas was not effected  by the poison due to being a vegan! 

AutoNation Cure Bowl
Tulane 42 Louisiana Lafayette 27
This monstrosity of a game is in the Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida which has it’s own bowl!!  Camping World must have a marketing budget that is            headed by Trump’s friend Cohen!!  Cure is a super cause so support this bowl!!  AutoNaion gives each player a free tire with the purchase of any new BMW series 7 auto!!  

R&L Carriers New Orleans Bowl
Middle Tennessee 45  Appalachian State 31
Appalachian State coach Scott Satterfield is heading to be the dude that cleans up Louisville football for the second time after Coach Petrino implodes the football program then halls ass!!!  Three ex-TU and current Tulsa high school coaching legends are on the shortlist for the Appalachian State Billie Goats HC position!!  Bowl Gifts for Middle Tennessee State and App State player are a year supply of Crawfish from Whaler Joes on Bourbon Street of downtown New Orleans!!  Also on the gift list is free shipping for one year by sponsor RL Carrier on packages weighing less than 3 ounces!!  Also a 1998 edition of Madden 1999!!  Amazing gifts for an amazing bowl!!

Mitsubishi Motors Las Vegas Bowl
Fresno State 38   Arizona State 14
The gifts given to the Bulldogs and the Sun Devils courtesy of Mitsubishi Motors were 55” TV, 2019 Mitsubishi Galant LS, Mitsubishi heater, Mitsubishi blow dryer, and a Mitsubishi cat!!  Unbelievable gifts for players and their significant other!!

Dec 18
Cheribundi Tart Cherry Boca Raton Bowl
UAB 36  Northern Illinois 32
The players were very excited to get team gifts such as 60’ Sony TVs, and a life-size chocolate tart football!!  A number of the offensive lineman from Northern Illinois had to be rushed to the emergency room for chocolate stomach bloatitus!!

Dec 19
DXL Frisco Bowl
San Diego State 41  Ohio 31
The Aztecs defeated the other state of Ohio football team!!  The bowl gifts were DXL clothing for the entire player family!!  DXL clothing specializes in clothing for 3XL sizes and above!!  Numerous player moms, wives, and sisters were extremely flabbergasted and appalled when they received 3XL blouses, skirts, and bras as bowl gifts from DXL!!  A formal apology was given at the Frisco Bowl executive by a DXL executive!!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

College Basketball Is Heating Up/Snow Coming So Means Buy Toilet Paper and Beer!

Faked Out College Basketball

Arkansas 88 Western Kentucky 68
The Razorbacks are full court pressing their way to a nice nonconference record!!  The Hilltopper’s mascot looks like The Grimace in red!!!  The name is derived simply from the fact that Western Kentucky sits on top of a hill by a van by the river!!
Iowa State 77  Iowa 72    Iowa Corn Classic
The Iowa Corn Classic is one of the biggest basketball tournaments in Iowa dating back to the early 1900s!!  It was called the Moonshine Corn Classic and the participants drank moonshine while throwing ears of corn 🌽 into peach baskets nailed on a wall!!!  Google it!!  Very true!!

Tulsa 68 Kansas State 65
Tulsa gets a huge win over a top 10 nationally ranked Wildcat team!!  The Tulsa crowd attendance was counted individually by elementary students from Jenks which totaled 2,865!!!  This was far more accurate than the Florida Governor race recount!!

Oklahoma 84 Wichita State 80
The Shockers are picked just below Tulsa at the bottom of the AAC preseason rankings!!  OU can put a notch in its belt for this win but not a big one!!

Houston 79 Okla State 72
Kelvin Sampson’s Cougars are very well coached and very athletic!!  OSU assistant coach Scott Sutton has found a super job after ORU fired him two years ago!!  Sampson and Sutton have both rekindled their careers and telling their ex-employers where to stick it!!

Kansas 95 New Mexico State 73
KU diaper dandy team defeats the Aggies dirty diapers team!!

CITI Hoops Classic
Kentucky 82 Seton Hall 75
Kentucky and their 16 Armani suits coaches on the bench win a close game over a spunky Seton Hall team!!---------------------->

Missouri 84  Oral Roberts 57
Oral Roberts has a lot of freshmen newcomers that are learning Division I Basketball!!  Junior power forward Nguwoski of ORU needs to suck it up and produce for Coach Paul Mills!!!             .

Faked Out NFL

Browns 28 Panthers 17
Mayfield is starting to do a lot of OU college freelancing with success!!  The Browns have stated that any crotch grabbing will result in a one hundred thousand dollar fine and he will no longer be allowed to do underwear commercials!!

Chiefs 33 Ravens 24
Chief Mr. Do Everything Tyreke Hill caught a touchdown pass, ran for a touchdown, returned a kickoff for a touchdown and brought out a new Android phone from his helmet to do a selfie in the endzone!! 

Broncos 28  49ers 23
Denver John Elway has threatened to put on knee braces, arm braces, neck brace, a body brace and put on a jersey if the team does not play better!!  Case Keenum is struggling and backup Chad Kelley is in the pokie!!  The Broncos won the game and Elway put his braces up!!

Cowboys 31  Eagles 27
Cowboys are on a bit of a roll and may win their division with an 8-8 record!!  The Cowboys have been the definition of average for the last 22 years at best!!   So when the Cowboys  win the 2018 division title, Coach Howdy Doody will sign a new 20-year contract so Dallas can attain the heights of averageness for two more decades!! 

Da Bears 31  Packers 21
Packers are the most disappointing team in the NFL and the monsters of the midway, Da Bears, are the surprise team!!  Da Bears QB Trabinsky looks more like an inside linebacker and he has a neck like Butkus!!  Bears defense with the addition of defensive end Cleo Mack is scary good!!

I would like to leave you with some inspirational words of wisdom, ”Never ever blink your eyes for a millisecond while watching the Sooners on offense!!  The next thing you know is that Heisman Murray will score 2 touchdowns and do the Bo Jackson pose”!!

Have a great sports week!!

B in T/Faked Out Sports!!
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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Army/Navy Pick/ High School Class A Pick

FOS New Bowl projection

So You Say You Want Some Defense Bowl?!?!
Oklahoma VS Central Florida in a nonfinal four bowl game would be the best bowl in the history of football lore!!!  Final score OU 72  CFU 65!!  Total offense was 1760 yards for both teams!!!  OU fans anxiety attacks totaled over 300  that day!!  

Faked Out College Football!


Army 42 Navy 17
Army and Navy both run a ball control option offense that can slow down even a high powered Oklahoma Sooner offense!!  This is simply done by hiding the ball from a high powered offense like Oklahoma, with gazelles and cheetahs, that can’t get to the end zone when they ain’t got the ball!!  This might be Navy's worst team since World War II.  The Army club likes to keep opponents under 6 possessions a game and basically bore the other team to sleep!  In the meantime, Army has a 4 touchdown lead and doing the victory formation!!

Faked Out Sports Prep Playoffs

Tonkawa 31  Christian Heritage 20 

Unranked, storybook season for  Christian Heritage come to an end in Stillwater by the hands of the Buccaneers!!  Fifteen of our Tonkawinian relatives were at Stillwater to watch the game!!  Tonkawa’s super stud LB, Fullback, Simieon Spencer ran over the Christian Heritage defenders like they were bowling pins!!!  Simieon seems to have eyes for my niece and after scarring him numerous times with odd threats, he requested I not go to the game!!  Probably a good idea!!  But he does know that I am watching the game streamed on Buc Vision, so HE will stay focussed or else!!  State Champs BUCS!!!  

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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Top Ten FOS Christmas Movies!

Faked Out Sports!!

OU vs Alabama and Grumpy Saban in Orange Bowl Semi
OSU vs Missouri in Liberty Bowl!

FOS Top Ten Christmas Movies

  1. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
  2. White Christmas -- Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye
  3. Elf-- Will Ferrell played a giant Elf that ate all the Christmas candy in the world!
  4. Rudy the Red-Nosed Walk-On Football Player
  5. How the Grumpy Saban Stole Football-- Grumpy Saban’s Crimson tidings of joy stole football from fans all over the world by going 15-0!!
  6. Miracle on 11th Street--  A movie about a Christmas miracle on 11th and Harvard occurring when a sixty point underdog, Tulsa, defeated huge powerhouse Texas A&M 36 to 35!!Halftime TU vs A&M
  7. A Christmas Football Story--  Two NFL football players get there tongue stuck on an icy goal post while doing a touchdown dance!!
  8. Home Alone VI--  A sixty-year-old man is left home alone while his wife and kids and grandkids go to Florida for the holidays!!  He was only left with a CITI Bank 10k unused credit card!!!  He, the two dogs and a cat had a super holiday party!!
  9. The Nightmare After Christmas--  This movie takes place in a small town in Oklahoma where millennium Gremlins with skinny jeans and credit cards take over the town and steal all the Christmas gifts!!  
  10. Die Hard VIII --  Bruce Willis plays an 86 year old retired NY mall cop that saves Christmas by stopping a terrorists plot to take over the North Poles!!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Antler Dance Returns/ College Basketball Picks

The Christmas Antler Dance Returns 
The Antler Dance was created by a young Bryan in Tulsa in the late 70s, early 80s and is now the Christmas Dance of Faked Out Sports!!  Numerous folks in OKC and Tulsa are dancing to tunes like We Need a Little Christmas, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and I Saw Santa Kissing Mommy Under the Mistletoe!!  I am the dude with his face covered in the picture!

Fake Basketball Picks:

Arkansas 77 at Colorado St 75
The Razorbacks stud power forward,        
Mason Jones, can play inside or outside and scored twenty points on the Rams 🐑!!!

Notre Dame 82 OU 70 Jimmy V Classic
The Irish toyed with the Sooners and stayed on top throughout the game!!

Minnesota 77 OSU 64  U S Bank Stadium Classic
A very, very young Cowboy team could not keep up with the big physical Golden Goofers!!

Tulsa 72 OSU 62
The Golden Hurricane tamed the Cowboys in front of an OSU crowd of 6 thousand in the University of Tulsa Reynolds Center, the capacity of 9 thousand!!  You do the math, 3 thousand TU fans fought the 50 degree and clear skies weather!  

Kansas 88 Stanford 81
Kansas coach Self has slightly changed his appearance by adjusting his hair growth application!!  This is vital for his new low profile image!!  

Kentucky 97 Univ North Carolina Greensboro 71
The Wildcat Thoroughbreds were drilled by sixty to the Duke Shedevils two weeks ago!!  Kentucky did get there mojo back by routing the UNC Greensboro Quaker Oats!!  

SMU 90 ORU 61
The Mustangs of the AAC look strong this year and the ORU team seems to have a strong case for the bottom of the Summit League!!  At the time of publishing, I did not know the name of either coach!!

FOS NFL picks

Saints 37  Cowboys 21
The Saints powerful offense led by Drew Brees dissected the Cowgirl defense and Coach Howdy looked as clueless as ever!!  The AT&T boobirds were as loud as ever and some fans even borrowed the old Saint's paper sacks to put on their heads!!

Broncos 31  Bengals 21
The Bengals defense is rated last in the NFL!!  Thirty-first out of thirty-one teams in the NFL!!  OU Coach Riley is aggressively looking at the Bengals defensive coordinator as the next OU coordinator!!  Thirty-first would be much better than their current 123rd ranking!!  I think?

Texans 31 Browns 21
Texans defensive line spent the entire game in Baker Mayfield lap!!  J.J. Watt ordered hot tea and crumpets while sacking Baker!!  Pinky extended per J.J.s mom!!

Chiefs 34  Raiders 20
Raiders and Coach Gruden are close to staying on point to his 10-year plan to make the the Las Vegas Raiders winners by 2028!!!  By 2028 the Chiefs and Mahomes will have 4 Super Bowl rings!!

I would like to leave you with words of wisdom, ” Never blink your eyes for a split millisecond while watching sausage cheese dip drip on your new white silk 2XL shirt!!  The next thing you know OU scored 2 touchdowns, and GAME OVER!!

Love these Picks!!

Dilly Dilly!!

B in T/FOS

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