Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Brian Bosworth On The OU Coaching Staff?/ NFL Playoff Picks!


Oklahoma Sooner legend Barry Switzer stated to Lincoln Riley, who is being courted by NFL teams, ”More coaches would want the job that you just left than the one you just took”!!  Didn't Switzer take the Dallas Cowboy coaching job??

I would like to suggest that Joe Castiglione and Lincoln Riley consider Fansville Sherrif Brian Bosworth as the next Defensive Coordinator at OU!!  The Boz added an in-depth analysis regarding the OU D, as the ESPN Gameday Guest Picker!!

B in T’s wife has left to Maui and like the Christmas holiday show, I am home alone!!!  My wife and her friend will meet Tonga, the native heart throb from Kuau and dance to many Hawaiian songs like Tiny Bubbles, and the Hawaii Five-O theme song!!  Girls, please bring me back a couple of Hawaiian leis!!

FOS NFL Second Round Playoff Picks

NFC Playoffs

Dallas 28 Los Angeles Rams 27
The Dallas Cowboys and Dax Prescott have finally won back to back playoff games for the first time since Dandy Don Meredith sang ’Turn out the lights the party is over’!!  Cowboy owner Jerry Jones bought up thirty thousand tickets from the Los Angeles Coliseum and sold them to Dallas fans who were making the trip with only a 40% mark up!!  That shrewd piece of crap owner!!
QB Prescott was 17 for 24 with 3 touchdowns!!  Amari Cooper caught 7 passes for 121 yards and 1 TD!  Ezekiel
Elliott ran for 118 yards and 1 TD and was caught after the game doing his eat em up act with owner Jerry Jones!! Enough is enough, please stop!!

New Orleans 31 Philadelphia 24
Drew Brees gets better with age!!  Saint running backs Mark Ingram Jr. and Alvin Camera are the best one, two punch in the NFL!!  The Saint crowd registered a 103.73 on the seismic indoor fan noise scale!!  Last time it was that high was at a Godsmack concert when a nude girl fell into a mud mosh pit!!  The Eagles tried a repeat of 2017 but came up short when QB Foles threw his 2nd interception with a 1:32 left!!

AFC Playoffs

New England 34 Chargers 27
Night before game meal for Tommy Brady family with wife Gisele and two lovely children, is at 5-star restaurant L’Esparle where their total bill was $1,267.34 plus tip!!  While Charger QB Rivers, his wife and 9 kids are at the local Chucky Cheese for kids eat for free night!!  The bill came $32.28 but Mrs. Rivers had a 5 dollar off coupon from Value Pack!!!  Brady’s short passing game doomed the Charger defense and reminded the world that New England and Mr. Brady aren't done yet!!

Kansas City 34 Indianapolis 23
Chiefs have lost 6 playoff games in a row so they are due to beat the Colts and Andrew not so Lucky this year!!  Both Quarterbacks can nock a fly off a horses ass from 150 yards, similar to Jed Clampett on the Beverly Hill Billies!!  Maholmes cannon-like arm and accuracy helped him throw for 341 yards and 4 touchdowns!!  Tyreke Hill who reminds me of Super Hero Ant-Man and the hands of Spiderman!!

Words of wisdom by B in T:
Never overreact to the words of local weatherman!!  You might end up with a garage full of, toilet paper, snow shovels, rock salt, tire chains, and generators!!

Have a super sports week!!

B in T

B, in T


  1. Replies
    1. Good news Cowboys won a playoff game, bad news Coach Howdy Doody get contract extension!! Dang!

  2. Too bad I missed the Boz segment. I think the pick of him as DC would be as astute as your Kingsbury call. Anyone who can get inside the head of a longhorn steer HAS to be psycic!! I am on my knees hoping the white stuff, and cold weather doesn't cause history to repeat itself. The Chiefs are notorious for fading when the north winds blow. WEENIES!

  3. Maybe Boz could be an advisor, similarly to the 20 advisors on Saban’s staff!!