Friday, September 14, 2018

Saturday's Picks & When NOT to Wear Blue Spandex Pants

Ok back to sports!!

I would like to request Oklahoma State and T Boone upgrade their 2018 123rd toughest non-conference schedule!!
  In 2019 B in T would like to see Tulsa, Jenks, and Cushing on the schedule instead of more Tinkerbells!!!


South Florida 37 Illinois 
Illinois Coach Lovie is one step closer to moving to retirement in the Utica Square/Gathering Place area!!  My 2 Illinois, B in T fans need to suck it up until Mike Ditka becomes head coach!!
Arkansas 41. North Texas 27
The Mean Green of North Texas is led by Mason Fine from Locust Grove, Oklahoma whom I must hear about him not being recruited by my Golden Hurricane for fuurricking ever!!!  Coach Seth Littrell is doing more with less than any other coach in D1!  The Hog mascot  ” Oinky ” was hit in the head by a blow gun shooting T-shirts!!  The fake hog head saved his life!!
Ohio State 38 TCU 27 
Coach Meyer of Ohio State was caught calling plays while dressed as Bucky the Ohio State mascot!!  He was given a harsh 2 practice suspension!!  Wow, what a harsh penalty for the choir boys from Columbus!!
Texas Tech 35 Houston 34
The Tech athletic director and Board of Directors were on the field towards the end of the game, with the intent of relieving Coach Dreamy Kingsbury of his duties!!!  But, and I do mean a big but, Tech’s walk-on kicker from Brazil kicks a 61-yard field goal as time expires!!  Last minute pardon from the Governor of Texas!!
Texas 34  USC. 31
Texas coach Hermann had a coaches meeting Friday night at an establishment called ’Legs and Eggs’, which serves free breakfasts to all Longhorn coaches!!!  Both teams suck but Texas needed the win more!!
Auburn 38. LSU 21
The only thing I know about LSU is that their Coach Ed Ogoren is not an actor, example: the movie ’Blindside’!!


Saints 31 Browns 17
Baker Mayfield was 13 for 13 in sideline warmups!!
Chiefs 27 Steelers 24
The new stars, Mahomes and Hill, show the old regime, Rothlensbugar and no show Bell, how it is done!!

B in T words of wisdom:

Never wear spandex blue and gold striped pants to a Tulsa tailgate party and not expect to get a chuckle!!
Have a blessed week!!  Pray for the Carolinas!
Chase your dreams, setbacks may happen, keep chasing!!

B in T