Friday, September 21, 2018

Dilly Anthems & Boccia Dreams

Kick Me! - 
  Occasionally at TU football games (6:02 pm Kickoff Saturday, be there!!!) or TU basketball games, I will sit during the National Anthem.  I am not taking a stance against the high costs of Medicare or fiber bars!!  Not am I protesting the fact that the Dallas Cowboys really suck!!  I am not even protesting the 104-year-old bathrooms at Skelly/Chapman stadium/field!  As a stroke victim, I have tremendous neuropathic pain when I stand!  So the next time when you see a 60-year-old fart sitting during the National Anthem at a sporting event, don't stare!!  If you do stare and he flips you off, he may have a reason to sit or give you the bird!!  Dilly, Dilly!!

Good week for B in T!! 

  I finished up 3 spots in my Center Boccia Tournament, ending 25th out of 30!!!  B in T is also getting published!!  A number of local pubs around the Blackwell, Tonkawa, Newkirk, and Cushing area have agreed to allow my rant in their men’s room!!  Above the stand-up troughs, B in T picks will be laminated in glow in the dark paper!!   An agreement for the B in T picks to be used on toilet stall doors is under negotiations!!

For that matter, can I get a sports agent who specializes
in Boccia circuit promotional appearances?
  Can one of my 290 followers tell me if I ever get some of this stuff published will I have to take a drug test!?!?  What is a publisher??  Do I need one for this crap?

Fake College Football!!

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