Monday, September 24, 2018

Heisman Watch & College Picks

There are some names who already come to the surface when
the Heisman committee makes a decision for this year.
Top 4 Heisman Watch

 (this IS an Oklahoma web site)
1. Kyler Murray - Oklahoma -
2. Kyler Murray - Oklahoma -
3. Kyler Murray - Oklahoma -
4. Kyler Murray - Oklahoma - 

 1/3 Season Top Ten!!

1. Alabama -
2. Clemson -
3. Georgia  -
4. Oklahoma -
5. Ohio State without Urban -
6. LSU -
7. Penn State -
8. Oklahoma State -
9. Broken Arrow (6AI) -
10. Ohio State with Urban - 

Can't Fool My Wife

  My wife dragged me out to look for Chip and Joanna Gaines furniture one long night in September. She stated that I should remember this because I would watch the show only when they had Baylor coaches and spouses looking for homes in Waco!! She then stated that they have not had the coaches on their show in quite a while!! Her thinking was that the coaches did not like Chip and Joanna’s color scheme?? I just shook my head! My wife then stated that she had the exact reason: The Baylor Athletic Department was afraid of too much publicity doing the Fixer Upper Show with Chip and Joanna!! I giggled under my breath and told her that must be it honey and continued looking for sofas!! 

   Seriously, send anyone who had anything to do with the Baylor Athletic Department debacle and Fart Briles to Antarctica to coach!! 

College Football Picks!

Oklahoma 56 Baylor 17
Heisman Murray Does It All
Quarterback Murray and his receivers had their pads off and signing autographs in the third quarter!! Heisman Murray accounted for 3 touchdowns passing and 3 rushing!! He also guided the Sooner Schooner Wagon after 2 scores in the 4th quarter!! Amazing!!

Oklahoma State 45 Kansas 17
Oklahoma State Is Doing A Good Job of Playing Hide and Seek
Oklahoma State’s defensive stud, Jordan Railiford from Booker T Washington, plays middle linebacker, defensive end, and defensive tackle!! The new defensive coordinator, Jim Knowles, is trying to hide Railiford in his schemes!! He also hides him in different areas on the bench! Sometimes he dresses as an equipment manager, Cowboy Cheerleader, and Pistol Pete!! Pistol Firing!!

West Virginia 48 Texas Tech 42
Don't Bring Toy Muskets To A Football Stadium
Definition of the haves and have-nots of the Big 12 Conference!! West Virginia Coach Cuss-a-lot has a tuft of hair at the back of his scalp, while Texas Tech Coach Dreamybury has perfect hair!! The Mountaineer mascot and the Red Raider mascots could not enter the stadium until their Musket rifles were cleared by the FBI, CIA and the Lubbock Texas Rangers!! The pop-corks in both play Muskets were cleared and the sixty thousand fans could return to their seats! 

Texas A&M 56 Arkansas 20
Aggies Win But Arkansas Has New Bowl Connection
Razorbacks are fighting to become bowl eligible and hog nation is sweating pig snouts!! The Arkansas State Senate has passed a bill allowing the Razorbacks to play a Bowl in Little Rock sponsored by Tyson Foods BUT the Hogs must win 4 games!!! The Tyson Chicken Nugget Bowl will have Arkansas play the highest ranked NAIA school in Arkansas!!! The Bowl is on ESPN 13 and will pay each school 100k and a lifetime supply of Tyson nuggets!!

Kansas State 34 Texas 24
Coach Snyder Goes Old School
Wildcats slow down the Longhorns with a strong defense and a Big Ten like running game!! K-State’s famous quarterback counter play was too much for the Longhorn defense to figure out!! Coach Snyder also introduced the wing-T and the T formation against the Horns!! The 4 and 5 star Texas defense was so confused that coach Herman actually had to think and strategize at halftime!!

Penn State 34 Ohio State 31

The Nittany Lions kicked a field goal with 1 second left!!

Stanford 38 Notre Dame 31

Winner Plays Oklahoma State At The Alamo
Note Dame is very overrated! Stanford is very overrated! Both teams will be fighting to see who plays Oklahoma State in the Alamo Bowl!! Love the Riverwalk!!

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